Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I Love Naked Quotes

“Photography is not for the satisfaction of others. Neither is it some kind of responsibility or mission. It is a means to fill a personal void.”
—  Chang Chao-Tang

Monday, January 26, 2015


(architectural proposal)

Oh Wow, I Just Found This

I had been wanting to see this and here I got lucky.

An Incident

Bicycling across the dark bridge late at night,
you come upon a worrisome sight:
someone's apple, someone's iPod, someone's book,
there on our human ledge of the inhuman precipice.

There's only a jigsaw, a cleavage of ice below.
Under that bright? A dark river's unforgiving mood.
You dial 911. You don't touch anything.
You notice the iPod is on shuffle.

You carefully bring your ear to the buds,
you listen to the soundtrack of another's life
while you wait for the cops. They're here.
The cruiser's blue and red stroboscopic spin

makes it feel more real somehow. This is now.
The cops shine flashlights down into the river.
They call out. You wonder why you hadn't done this
yourself. You cup your hands and yell gruffly too.

The cops take your statement, your number.
You're free to go. You read the papers,
the online news, but never see anything more.
You think about the apple in the night.

A few weeks later, you're coasting past the spot
and there's someone's pear, someone's iPod, someone's book.
And this time a coloring book.
You call the cops, and this time you're arrested.

It is never explained to you.
No suicide is ever found in the river.
You're just a nice guy.
And now you have this weird police record

to explain to potential employers or girlfriends or boyfriends.