Wednesday, March 4, 2015

gestalt mountains

(digital drawings after Monet)

(digital drawings after Monet's Nympheas)

(still life digital drawing)

bah-nah-nahs in yellow environment.


People? Foolish.
They weep.
Shoulders become home.

Shampoo is like milk.
You look down
and see a cosmos.

But it's over a drain.

Nothing is accomplished, really,

without spinning.


The roads
are a month later
than usual.

The winter
is its own house,
a dead restaurant

turning atop something,

changing the view

360 degrees.

Five Poems by Larry Eigner

How much pathos and yet redemptive beauty there is in the lines, "They nod at me and I at stems."

Not sure of the (surely spare) lineation there, but there is so much autobiography in that little substitution of "stems" for "them."

The poet is giving us an image of his physical self, his hard lot with CP, which kept him wheelchair-bound for much of his existence. He's also giving us an image of his spiritual self, looking at (literal) stems (vegetation) on the ground, but also looking at the stems of words in his open field poems which so often break sentences and words in unexpected places to create self-renewing gestalt in fields of language. In this, he is very much a visual poet and is applying principles used more commonly in painting and other visual arts.

There is a weird largesse and (often) an enormity in many of his spare "little" poems.