Thursday, September 18, 2014


The older I get, the clearer it is to me what an "evil person" is, even a subtly evil person, but I am much, much less certain about what constitutes a "strange individual" now. Everybody is strange. Nobody is strange.

Still. It's bad manners to walk down a street pointing at houses and going, "Good strange, bad strange, good strange, good strange, bad strange..."

I Had the Best, Funniest Dream Last Night

I got to meet Cyndi Lauper in my dream and interview and photograph her.

Yes, this was, I repeat, just a dream.

This was really funny when I woke up, because in the dream it was like the third or fourth time I had met her.

She liked to swing on a swing set in a park near her house.

What was even funnier was that I had to "leave" the dream for a while because I didn't have something I needed, notebook, camera, film, I don't know.

And then I came back to the dream house of dream Cyndi like "Oh, here I am again." And she was fine with my bumbling.

While the dream might have gotten many facts wrong, one fact I'm sure it got right is how lovely and spiritually wise this woman is.

But you already knew that if you've been listening to her voice the past few decades.

She's one of my favorite vocalists and favorite people on the planet, and I'm ashamed to say I only know Kinky Boots from what I can find on YouTube.

When Cyndi Lauper met "The Gays" it was a match made in heaven. And that match continues to come to fruition. Kinky Boots is a collaboration with the wurnderfurl Harvey Fierstein.

She's clearly still the same person you remember her being all those years ago, if you are anywhere near my age. Here's the spirit when she accepted that Tony last year.  I believe this was the first time a woman stood at that podium and accepted that award. Imagine! The first time. It's 2014!

If you don't own her album of standards, At Last, you're committing a crime against yourself and nature.

There's even a hilarious duet with Tony Bennett on that album. Why do my favorite vocalists always end up recording with Tony Bennett?  Oh yeah. Because he's one of the best we have. Cyndy Lauper. That Grammy-winning album he did with K.D. Lang is one to which I'm always grateful to return. And now Lady Gaga was working with him recently. I didn't hear the results yet, but I'm sure it's great.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Genius Idea of the Day

Okay, here was my genius idea of the day.

I didn't Google it to see if anyone else had had and expressed this idea already or not, or whether it's been put into execution.

Actually, this idea was born out of a real feeling of compassion for this guy who got arrested around here this past week.

He's a graffiti artist and he's been spraying somewhat uninspired messages like,"You are a $LAVE!" and other similar  critiques of capitalism (I presume that's what they are) around here for quite some time. I think he's been doing it mostly on abandoned buildings, really decayed ones that are liable to be cashiered anyway.

I'm not a big fan of his graffiti. I'd like to see a little more imagination in the style as well as the messages. (I'm wondering if he does the Pac-Man ghosts I see everywhere too, which I do sort of like in that nostalgiac boomer Atari 2600 way).  If he did the Atariesque alligator on the one pylon by Wildwood Lake, I'll give him props. I like that one.

But here's the thing. The guy dropped off a letter at the one t.v. station around here, and had included his real name and address on it. I think it was an explanation of his good intentions, his prophecies, yadda, yadda. I guess it was his letter to the world that never wrote to him.

So...a lot of pathos. And I think the guy might be suffering some form of mental illness. I'm really hoping they don't send this guy to jail, because I get the idea this is probably a person already suffering a great deal and trying to do good in his own troubled way. I even had the thought I should probably write a letter on his behalf or try to find out more to see if maybe the mental health system in our county could help him, if they aren't already.

Anyway, because of him, I had this idea today that someone should manufacture a form of spray-paint for graffiti artists which is environmentally friendly and WHICH EVAPORATES OR DISSOLVES AFTER A DECENT PERIOD OF TIME.

I'm thinking a pseudo-paint that would last long enough that the artist could feel their work was shared, their message got out, but then no damage to property as the thing just disappears, dissipates, after a few weeks or a month. I'm sure this product could be produced by a company or a group of investors with imagination and foresight.

Sure, it's not going to be sold on the shelves of Walmart, most likely, because it will still be a nuisance art form. But think of how much relief there would be for business owners and others when they realize that graffiti is going to vanish after a short time. 

Graffiti artists can still feel like the little rebels they are, but greener rebels; they wouldn't even need to feel bad about poisoning the environment. I mean if graffiti artists worry about such things. And they won't be breathing toxic fumes which probably contain heavy metals.. They can still enjoy that hissing sound too and all the other sensuous aspects of spray-paint. Only it will be soy-based or something. 

I imagine the one who like to huff the stuff will be seriously disappointed. But they can still buy the Krylon or whatever their favorite lung beverage is when they feel like tripping their balls off.

You might even want to buy a can, even if you have no inclination towards graffiti. Think how great this stuff would be to have in the trunk of your car when someone parked you in or stole your parking space. You could leave a wonderful message for them right on their vehicle. And you wouldn't even feel too bad about it, knowing it will all wash off right after they have that stroke.

(the swimming pool)