Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Baby's On Fire

Profiles in Courage

My cat Malkin now allows me to vacuum him with my Shark Cordless 14.4V.

He seems to find it soothing.

I like the idea that no unsightly dandruff will spoil close-up photos. (We're in space heater-season, and you know how that can dry a cat out.)

Justice Scalia Explains

why the Ferguson grand jury wasn't even a grand jury.

Thanksgiving Day Poem

It will be Thanksgiving
in a few more hours,
so I feel I should go out
and give somebody,
no--almost everybody--

Dust Studies

(you poor dear, your eye is in tatters)

Laughing Girl:

(out in the snow)

We just got our first snow.

Even though it's dark out there, I want to take some things out into the snow to photograph. Maybe some apples.

This is from last year.

We had a good French Revolution in the neighborhood.

Just kiddin. It's a cabbage. "Let-rot-for-photo-op" school of photography. Heh.