Monday, March 15, 2010

Pics of Me this Afternoon

I was taking pics of a million things today.

I had to meet with a social worker and he asked me, "Did anybody ever tell you that you look like Johnny Mathis before?"

No. Because I don't.

But I think he meant it in a nice way.

I'd be happy with one ten thousandth of his money, I'm sure.

I didn't comb my hair today so it was sort of demonic.

I can't remember the last time I dyed me hair.

Fuck it, right?

I think I look vaguely demonic in the one pic.

That worries me.

I just started exercising again yesterday. I rode my exercise bike for a half hour.

My diet is indulgent again so I need to start working out at least an hour a day.

It's amazing how fast the weight comes back.

EWTN had the best items from their catalogue featured today.

They were mostly target-marketing the Irish-American Catholics and had great items along those lines in time for St. Patrick's Day.

I'm thinking about getting the penitence rosary. That's the one that only has one decade on it that you hide up your sleeve (or did in anti-Catholic times in Ireland) and a thumb-ring you move from thumb to finger to finger as you do the decades of the rosary. That's only six dollars.

They also have this stylized trinity symbol (besides the shamrock) that's Celtic I think...probably inspired by Celtic ropework like some of the other designs they were showcasing.

I was coveting that too.

And the cross that had Connemara marble (that beautiful green marble you can only find on that one coastline) inlaid.

They had a lot of (yuck) resin items, Celtic crosses in that and such. Tacky stuff.

But some of the jewelry was nice.

It would look so hot on some bully Irie bruiser.

Was that p.c.?


  1. the word I had to type in to post that last comment was 'fartin'


  2. The only souvenir I bought back from Ireland was a little Connemara marble shamrock key chain. It has since broke into pieces but I still have them. The colors are so pretty.