Friday, April 23, 2010

Is There a Guy on the Planet...

who doesn't laugh like a monkey getting his balls tickled when that Shake Weight commercial comes on.

And here I am just coming from watching Jody's death scene in Their Eyes Were Watching God.

And then the Shake Weight commercial totally did me in.

Sorry, Zora.

I figured that was waaaay too easy for parody and sure enough it's a cottage industry on YouTube.

Here's an example.


  1. My friend, Lindy, has a shake weight and I've tried to use it and was unable to. What does that say about me???

  2. It says you're smart enough to be self-conscious of how ridiculous ANYONE looks using the darn thing.

    I mean why not just grab a rum shaker instead.

    I couldn't believe the gals on The View talked about it and didn't make a single joke about j.o.

    Not even Whoopie.

    For shame!

    Their audience sure laughed like Hell when they saw the commercial.

    Maybe they all figured "too damn easy."

    Hope you're have a great weekend!

    I'm forcing myself out of the house today and going to Saturday's Market (this huge indoor outdoor flea market).

    Don't know what got into me.

    Probably just cabin fever.

    I'll probably have a panic attack before I get to the best part (the Amish cakes).

    I haven't been there in a few years and miss it.