Monday, May 17, 2010

I Love Micachu (and the Shapes)

I think she's the most amazing songwriter out there.

How did she know how middle-age people feel? She must have an old soul.

I go around the house singing "Turn Me Well" with its perfect lines.

"I'm a tired soul."

And "I didn't think I would last this loooong."

But there's that lingering love of life when you GET to me...and turn me weeelllll....

Vacuum cleaner sucking out life and feedback energy field. Perfect.

The way they have her head styled in that video she reminds me of Apollinaire for some reason.

Love the English teeth and the fuckall attention to things like zits in her vids.

But compositionally. Wee-hahw!

It's as though the best parts of the Beatles at their most experimental, Bjork and Syd Barrett all came together in this beautiful young androgyne who is such a handsome boy (even if she was born female).

And the voice of an English sailor lol. On more than one song I thought the secret influence by actually be sea shanties.

And I love that all my favorite songs by her come in right around 2:40.

I've always said that is the perfect length for a pop song lol.


  1. there was huge buzz about her last year but she disappeared without a trace, hyped to death i think

  2. Hiya. Well you probably got the hype there, but she didn't really make the radar here.

    Plus, I'm always a year or two behind on finding anyting cool.

    She won't disappear without a trace for me, since I love her odd take on the pop tune and her songs have taken up permanent residence in my head.

    Plus, I love the videos she and her band do, and the ones fans do for her (tons of those on YouTube).

    The album was supposed to have made the shortlist for the Mercury Prize but didn't and then I was surprised when she said something like "I wasn't fully behind that album"...something apologetic like that...

    Why? It's great shite!

    Who cares if she charts or not. Just so she keeps making the music, ya know.

    I feel the same way about Bjork and when does she ever have "hits" here.

    (in case you're not sure: once in a blue blue moon).

    I thought about you when I was in the crafts aisle yesterday wanting to make something creative.

    But then truly creative people like yourself probably never go anywhere near a crafts store or crafts aisle.

    Everything is your craft store.

    That's called imagination.

    I wonder what aisle they sell that in at Wal-Mart?

    I'll ask the clerk next time lol.

    And my inner demon says: Fuck imagination. I just want pony beads. Lots and lots of pony beads.