Friday, June 25, 2010

filters are addictive

Here is the Kiyochika wooblock print I published on my postcard blog today with several different filters applied.

I love the anamorphic one. I think I got the name right, although they don't call it that.

That's the one where you put the mirrored cylinder in the center of the drawing and the picture recomposes itself correctly in the reflection.

postscript: I googled it and yes it is anamorphic art.

Here are two more examples.

I love the anamorphic teacup!


  1. wow, took me a minute to work out what i was lookin at with the tea cup but thats brilliant and yes filters are addictive

  2. If you Google "anamorphic art," you will find tons of cool shite.

    Hope all's going well.

    It must be nine or so over there but i bet you still got sunglow in the sky.

    If it's ten you don't.

    I forget when you guys are five hours ahead and when six (I think at different times of the year?)

  3. Unless it's raining. Then natch no "sunglow."

  4. yup 9ish but i think there is a point where it shifts an hour, gettin a bit dusky, still very hot though, no rain! we've actually got a coupla days of proper summer

  5. yeah it's very summery here too.

    and ain't no way the beach is happening with the hubbie hobbling about with tennis collateral damage.