Thursday, June 24, 2010

still drafting these poems

from the other day...


       Of course, there's always...

sex is a series of potentialities

can't be explained afterwards like solar flares

nobody bother it

i get stuck there sometimes

like an ativan that lodges in a mouth's
chewing gum

the dead goldfish sink to the bottom of the tank

after floating for attention

atop enterprising scum

I call yours"The Velvet Goldmine"

    Group Gropius

poetry, the human catnip

mostly i trip out over

the difference between "fucked me" and "fucked me over"

i think loyalty counts for something

but i'm also an aficionado of snickers

i'm not one of those people
who is sure poetry has a penis

who spend their lives trying to find it

    Belated Letter

i think i have lodged in you

i think you have lodged in me

clearly we are a couple of lodgers

we will probably never be done lodging

should i try to keep the lodge open

so late into fall the gay indians appear?

    "Yeah You, Asshole..."

my printer has this symbol on a button
that looks like the icon for wheelchair

iconoclasts are exhausting

sex is so a playground

hell is gonna be just like kindergarten
all over again

any prison warden will tell you

"a purple crayon always leads to bloodshed"

    Poetry/Phoenix University

would you like to be a phantom?

there are online universities for this

you can get the third degree

the saddest life on earth
would be conducted entirely by mail

the new kind of mail

the unreal kind

    More Gay Shit in My House

a collage of a woman
who is dried flowers

glued on teal silk
lifts her hoop dress

she climbs

she passes not seeing


have lost almost every bit
of purple they ever knew

it's always an option to give up
just fuck like flowers

do with sun

    "Yeah, You Asshole...

don't tell the in-between people
that we call them that

i am a third of the way
to the unimportant place i wanted to get today

poetry, human catnip

i'm going to tell on you

like a 13-year-old black girl who named her son Hades

    home medical guide

when you accidentally get ink on your skin

quick...dip it in water!

when you accidentally get cum on your skin

quick...dip it in tomorrow!

when you accidentally get love on your skin

quick...dip it in yesterday!

    waiting room

i'm sorry i disturbed you
building that slave rollercoaster

i'm sorry i interrupted you
fucking over really bad people

ooh ooh

robin hood has a blog

pulling strings
is something a spider does

i guess

that doll surgery
is serious business

i never met an anesthesiologist of plastic before

can you at least just validate my parking?

    I feel like a statue...

red-tipped snickerlings perch here

they are about to shit on me
then fly towards a retard's cotton candy

they see across a crowded human square

there is no difference being queer


please help me remove these doodads

from the Doors of Perception...

i know a Herb who will actually pay for these

    last diary entry

i am still angry at Gauguin

for not fucking me in Arles
he only wanted my crayons

and my art dealer brother


he would often waggle his penis at me
shaving in that tiny bathroom

waggle his cock across the room

that's why my trees all waggle

not that stupid stuff you said

doesn't anybody understand

fucking girltrouble anymore?!

    to be spoken over a high school's p.a. in the early a.m....

torn between two lovers
feeling like a WAL-MART greeter in a japanese earthquake

torn between two hospitals

one of these must be sexier

everyone wants to be fucked
by instruments of doom

this is like a Japanese commerical
with sexual robots in a third grade classroom

remind me

who the fuck emancipated me again?

    "Hooked on Holzer"

absolute submission is the mark of genius.

a name is a type of decadence.

bad intentions increase group solidarity.

automation is what it is to be a mother.

any surplus is the same as admitting defeat.

ensure that your life is not a necessity.

abuse of power is a substitute activity.

action is a giant smoke screen.

expiring for love is soothing but risky.

being sure of yourself is the greatest incapacitator.

money creates the balance of good and evil.

exceptional people deserve a biological law.

ignoring enemies is an active fantasy life.

repetition is a sign of maturity.

    "maybe i just want to grow..."

maybe i just want to grow my fingernails

grow my hair long

maybe i wanna look like a sexy corpse
in a cheap horror film

i have no idea

look at this picture
of the "dog penis mushroom"

it looks exactly like a dog's lipstick penis

i like a poem to have
defensive wounds


also, i like the word "defenestration"

but who doesn't

i have no idea if you're still a poodleballing robot
because i changed that password

i had to stop myself coming back

i just randomly typed superfast
with my eyes closed

just like nature


you should go watch family guy

you should try Abilify

you should send some of your poems
to a magazine you're really afraid of

you should go tuna-fishing

you should go far out to sea
see if your problems

follow the boat like that bipolar stalker seagull

who always shows up

oh what do i know

maybe you shouldn't listen to me

check out this parking ticket i just got

from fucking Stonehenge

    spirits in the sky

do you believe in launching yourself?

is your life a series
of endless launches?

are you a Launchnaut?
a Launchmonaut?

did you know insects
don't feel any pain at all

that's why they burn themselves alive
in the ceiling lamp

i no longer run for the off switch

it's such a fucking relief!

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