Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blue Glass Swan Alarm System

Blue Glass Swan's a decent sort of love
Swan stands before a vulnerable window
Guard this Ghetto Window
I say to it and Swan nods
Like a gentlemanly blue candy
This is the perfect alarm system
A Blue Glass Swan
Don't laugh, it works
Don't disparage candy
Candy can last thousands of years
I go to the museum sometimes
Just to look at candy
Blue Swan is yawning
Waiting to sacrifice its glass life
Blue Swan looks at its watch
When I turn my back
Death is terribly late
Like a whore taxi cab driver
Who senses a better tip
And evilly prioritizes
Death's picking someone else up
Right this moment
Talking to this person
With an atrocious accent
Somewhere else
This is a decent love
I tell myself and the Swan
I pat the Swan's blue glass head
Blue swan ready to sacrifice itself
At some killer's cued entry
Dear Killer in the Wings,
You always miss your entry
When you do show, forget your lines
My Blue Glass Swan grows tired
Waiting to shatter
And obligatorily Save Me
Dear Killer in the Wings
The audience's stomach is growling
They have lovers and fairy tales to attend
We can't all just sit around
Waiting for you to remember
You are a part of this play
While we were all rehearsing
You were out fucking around
With lovers you didn't respect enough
To even give your number
And now they have no way of reaching you
And I have to tell you
Even though my cast mates warned me
You really Suck at This

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  1. sorry, just hijacking this comment box :P

    i keep stumbling across Mail Art (baader meinhof effect n all) anyway just thought you may be interested in this - im a big fan of the artists work anyway so her flikrs worth lookin at even without the mail art exhibition stuff.

    p.s. your reply a few posts down - What language is when people walk away from it. love it