Sunday, July 4, 2010

Colloquy Between Sunflower & Iceberg

Loki, I suffer for you.

Loki, why did you come?
"You spoke my name. I'm a heavy comer."

Loki, what do you love?
"Sunflowers. Barebacking. Surprise."

Loki, you've ruined me for the other perverts.
"I get that a lot."

Loki, do you prefer men or women?
"Yes. Men or women."

Loki, who taught you to kiss like that?
"Venus as a boy. Army buddies."

Loki, you forgot your necklace.
"Wear it til I get back."

Loki, why are you half my age?
"The better to cut you in two."

Loki, can I have a promise?
"You can have whispers or promises."

Loki, do I have to choose?
"If you believe in that sort of thing."

Loki, are your soft manners only snares?
"Ask about my tats now."

Loki, I suffer for you.
"I can go back to imaginary."

Loki, will you divorce fire for me?
"I have to pee. Be right back."

Loki, your scent...?
Wintergreen. Manpussy. AXE Daddylust."

Loki, who else wants to marry you?
"People in love with rings."

Loki, are you confused?
"My omnisexual, omnidirectional, omniscent body is completely sane."

Loki, I used a spell on you.
"Did you remember to use the right alphabet?"

Loki, for fuck's sake...
"Look who's replaced God now."

Loki, roleplay "white trash" for me.
"Get in my belly. Again."

Loki, what did the other soldiers say?
"'That's Loki,' usually."

Loki, Sleep with me.
"I already do. Check your pillow."

Loki, what do you fear?
"Nothing. Boredom. Bad tattoo artist."

Loki, do you realize how evil that sounds?
"Sounds are evil?"

Loki, Be Still.
"Still is not tamed."

Loki, kindly abandon the Truth."
"I am your husband."

Loki, Return to Me.
"Different form. It's still me. Look closely."

Loki, you don't really love me.
"I'm fire and air. OF COURSE I love you."

Loki, stop playin.
"Playin? The only eternal thing. Tell the other gods."

Loki, who bested you?
"Wildfire. Only once."

Loki, why did you really come.
"Fire gives life to dead things."

Loki, I still suffer for you.
"Cool. You're a suffragette."

Loki, two can play at FIRE.
"But one flame's always quicker."

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