Saturday, July 31, 2010


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  1. This one must be about me! lol Damn ADD!

  2. Nope. Hi. I thought "that's weird!" How did a comment get through without me approving it. I was so tired when I approved it and doing three things at once (having problems with the Flash and Lee yelling a movie was starting) that I didn't respond here. And I didn't even remember approving this comment til I signed on now after sleeping. Nope. When I do these flash thingies I imagine them as signage just floating out there in space, either attempting to seduce, alienate, kiss, insult anyone. The way that advertising puts that subtext in. Scary subtext. But I often am busting on myself. Because I do have the attention span of a goldfish. But I can't blame it on ADHD. I am simply looking for phrases that intrigue me. I rarely have hostility for particular people these days. These are just signage and they are imaginary people talking to imaginary people. What language is when people walk away from it. xo

  3. I didn't really think it was about me. lol My attention span is far less than that of a goldfish. =P xo

  4. Oh, good. I get paranoid sometimes. So just in case you do too, I wanted to head it off at the pass. I LIIIIIIKE YOU! There. xo b

  5. I LIIIIIKE YOU, TOO!!! I just don't come around as much because it's hard for me to see the left hand side of your blog and a certain person who HAAATES me while I still love him. :(

  6. Oh dear. This is awkward. I liiiiike you both. I was hoping that had been "ironed out." I can't speak for anyone else, but I certainly can't see him or anyone "hating" you.

    No way. No how.

    I hope he reads your comment and some flowers bloom where they weren't before.


    That's my "Disney moment" for the day.