Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Have to Pretend to be Human

And go to the bank today. Not my bank. The other one. To pay my mortgage. Because my money came in too slow and now I'm up against it. I could just pay the late fee. The world wouldn't end. But I'm too cheap, too poor and hate wasting money. I wouldn't care if the extra money went to a good cause but it doesn't. It just goes to the evil bank. That's like a week or so ago when I went to the thrift store the day AFTER the half-off everything sale and bought raftloads of stuff. And the cashier said what a shame yesterday was half off everything. And I said I know. Because I did. But all that money goes towards making fellow alcoholics and junkies miserable I said. And that is a beautiful thing. And she smiled as she picked up the little ceramic mouse in the barcalounger and rang him up. Knowingly.

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