Saturday, July 31, 2010

Joseph Lease

I see poet Joseph Lease defriended me on FACEBOOK, because I asked the question "Is FACEBOOK real?" when he sent me an invite to "like" him.

I was amused by the funny grammar of the invitation which says (when you receive the request) "Joseph (Lease) likes Joseph Lease and thinks you should like it too."

Like it too.

A first person request for admiration is turned into a third person grammatical pointing at an entity which is presumably separate.

Well, not separate from the poet's ego.

Love Joseph Lease's ego or cease to exist.

Joseph Lease, this soooo makes me want to run out and read your poetry.

Read it.

You give me great faith that poets are indeed careful readers of language and its nuances, and that they are an ethical, friendly breed apart.

I'm glad to know that our FACEBOOK friendship was not a potentiality for possible communication, but that rather I existed only to "swell the throng" of your admirers, gathered up by sending invitations to others to admire you.

You are a Great Example for me to remember.

And I will remember you as such.


  1. Yes, exactly! These people who become fans of themselves and then send out requests that you "should like it too." I've seen psychological horror films that weren't so disturbing.

  2. Hi Craig. The sad thing is I didn't intend to alienate the guy. I just thought the weird grammar of that request was so irreal: "Joseph (Lease) likes Joseph Lease and thinks you should like it too." It's so Invasion of the Body Snatchers. But of course all he saw was a follower that didn't fall in line and that was it. Zapped to oblivion. I can only presume in these cases FACEBOOK is wiser than we know and spares us future misery. That's what I'm taking away from it anyway.