Thursday, July 29, 2010

Urban Dictionary's Word of the Day is Another Good One

strategic friendship default

July 29

Occurs when the debt owed from a friendly bet between two friends rises to an uncomfortable level causing one friend to cut ties with the other in lieu of paying up.

Robbie: "Did Justin ever make good on that golf wager you two made"

Randy: "Wouldn't know, he hasn't talked to me in weeks and he won't return my emails."

Robbie: "Sounds like you are the victim of a strategic friendship default."


  1. I like looking up names on Urban Dictionary. Here is Bill:

    "one who which is drop dead sexy has a massive penis and will punch anyone out who pisses him off. also bill has ill skillz in everything. Most people know him as a balla."

    That is soooo you! <3

  2. lol. See? They say they don't allow personal stuff through but they do. Any name will bring up mondo attacks and love whispers, the whole schlemiel.

    I'd like to claim that is me.

    But it's wrong. Umm, the last line.

    I'll keep the rest. ;-)

    It's truly a demented dictionary.

    And I guess I can't resist demented things.