Saturday, July 31, 2010

Whine and Ye Shall Receive

I was lamenting what I perceived to be a dearth of mail art in the American poetry scene anymore, opining that it seemed to dry up just as the net was taking off.

It makes a lot of sense, in that artists now have easy access to free online galleries where they can display their work.

So mail art probably stopped being mailed. To some degree anyway.

Rob at Bumpo's kindly pointed me in the direction of an artist (Yvonne Stewart) who works in many media and happened to be participating currently in an exhibition of mail art in Edinburgh.

She has a brief post about it on her blog (check it out): Sketchstitch Blog.

But there are more photos on her Flickr, which is here:

Yvonne Stewart's Flickr and pics of the recent Mail Art Exhibition in the Spider and the Fly at the Magpie Market in Edinburgh.

I like the jaunty rhythm of that: ..."in the Spider and the Fly at the Magpie Market..."

It must be fun to tell someone to meet you in the Spider and the Fly at the Magpie Market.

Sounds like something from a nursery rhyme everyone's forgotten.

Thanks, Rob.

And thanks to Yvonne for the art and pics.

Blogger/Flickr are great at giving one vicarious gallery/museum experiences.

Well YouTube too, of course.

So you have no excuse for not knowing what's showing at the Louvre right now.

(Here I lift my finger to my lips and move it up and down making that bubbling sound.)

Because I have no clue lol.


  1. haha, you're probly better lookin at the louvre online, tried to go once and the line stretched off the premises and down the street.

    glad you liked her stuff, we're doing the same daily doodling challenge but her works just in a different league to my scibbles, but looking at the rest of her Flikr, her work in oils really caught me, she was running a competition on her blog to win a painting by her but someone else won...stupid fuckin dinosuars ;P

  2. I visited the Doodle Schmoodle site but on my slow puter so I'll visit again when it opens up better for me.

    Certain people might be missing you.

    Hint hint: comments on here.

    That's all I'm saying.

    Now I'll turn and quietly walk out of the room lest you think me a "meddler."