Thursday, July 8, 2010

you can't create

you can't create a son by sleeping with a lot of young guys. okay. technically you can. but you shouldn't. i mean that's like frankenstein. i will elope with you for exactly one hour. do you really want your son to be piecemeal. seriously? a piecemeal son? chicken mcnuggets? it will come back angry at you. the pieces of the monster. i always wanted to slap mary shelley. or tongue her up. sniff her. she confuses me horribly i must be in love. did she really ride a donkey, lorine, or did you make that up? i picture her as a miniature mary shelley. like a miniature pony. a tiny vibrating mary shelley. people don't believe they had more sex than we do today but it's true. they were living in fuckwit time. people in england flipflopped between a sexual revolution and a real one. france had just fucked everybody's head up. i mean everybody's. the moral of the monster is the mother. you can't only be a daddy. you can't. the guillotine chopped off heads as grammar. the enlightenment needed major editing. we are all just prose really. it's only when our heads are on the pillow or the guillotine that we become poetry. either prissy or pretty. and then we get all preachy. after the orgasm. and that's that.

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