Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Your Business Card is Bjork

I've seen slews of bad Bjork impressions on YouTube.

Way more than I care to remember.

Ted Suzan (in addition to being "nature's darling") actually can do Bjork very, very well.

But shouldn't surprise me.

He's a great mimic in general.

But he had to have seen the early Sugarcubes documentary. Because this so sounds like her rap on her television set. And he's got the vowels and dipthongs exactly right.

Ted Suzan, I have two words for you: Lorne Michaels.

Try to get a disc of your work to him somehow.



  1. Hi, This is Mr. Suzan...Thanks for blogging about me! I run a Google Alert for my name so I am notified when it shows up in web searches. I have never considered acting for a career move, but I'll keep an open mind. I always liked Dana Carvey...I like that on youtube I can just be alone with a camera...Feel free to add me on FB btw

  2. Hi Mr. Suzan. Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for the videos. Your brand of metaphysical humor just "does it" for me. But then I was the kid who carried around Steve Martin's CRUEL SHOES when I was like ten. One of the things that really stands out when you read that big book of SNL confessionals is that everybody notices that SNL segued from concept-driven, ensemble humor to single character, non-concept-driven humor. And they lament it. I'll add you on FB next time I sign in, thanks. I'm rarely on there as I'm a FACEBOOKphobe but thanks. Cheers.