Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Craig, I Had A Fucked Up Dream about You

You were some sort of transportation kingpin in Harrisburg.

You had this little desk set up in front of this building on 29th St. in Harrisburg (this means nothing to you but it's just a dream detail).

I was grocery shopping or something and ran into you, and I couldn't understand how you had the patience to sit behind that desk all day, but you did it joyfully and with aplomb and all that.

It was a strange tiny desk set in the middle of a big building. Like performance art or something.

A lot of other shit went down in the dream and there were these evil goons I kept coming up against and having to fight off one way or another.

Later, I found out these were your goons.

You weren't "siccing" them on me; they were just going about their business.

When I was chatting with you sitting at your little desk, you casually explained to me that you owned all these people (or someone else gave it away; I forget) and you were like "Oh, I can take care of that for you."

And I was grateful you got me out of "goon trouble" but then I was very afraid because I kept thinking, "Why would he sit at that tiny little desk if he owns this entire town?"

And then you smirked. It was a funny evil smirk.

And I was talking to you in a parking lot while some of your goons were jumping in trucks and going on goon runs, and I think you were talking about some elevated matter and it was snowing and then the dream evaporated.

Fucked. Up. Dream.

This is probably because I often have TRU TV on when I fall asleep and they talk about criminals and I think it all gets fed into my "dream narratives."

I've had this happen before.

The documentary narration alters my dreams.


  1. That's quite a profound insight: "Why would he sit at that tiny little desk if he owns this entire town?"

    I usually explain away settling for less by thinking of the macrocosm being contained within the microcosm. But that's over-intellectualizing, no doubt.

    Of course, I *am* sitting here at a tiny little desk as I type this. :-)

    No goons or minions, though.

  2. Hehe.

    Craig, I severely "edited" that dream.

    For purposes of "decency."


    I'm not making this up.

    But you "acquitted yourself admirably."

    As horrible men say.

    I was horrified.

    At how expertly...

    Umm...I am "married."


  3. Do NOT reply to this reply.


    Goodnight, Sir.