Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Pre-Ordered Books by Kendra Grant Malone and Matthew Savoca

I went to Scrambler Book's site.

Wow! Established in April, 2008 and they already have "70 titles on Goodreads."

Very impressive!

I'm glad KGM told me about her forthcoming book, because there was actually a great deal there.

Her book is twelve clams and I think Matthew Savoca's the same but you can get both for twenty with free shipping. can get both in HARDCOVER for twenty-five with free shipping.

So I went for that.

And look very much forward to receiving both books.

Here's the dealio...

Announcing… Everything is Quiet by Kendra Grant Malone (left)
long love poem with descriptive title by Matthew Savoca (right)

Pre-order your copy for $12 or both for $20
(free shipping for USA orders only)
own a piece of ‘indie lit’ history by pre-ordering a limited edition hardbound volume containing both titles bound together in a ‘once in a lifetime’ type of deal that you will probably be able to sell in the future on E-Bay for like at least $100, or something (only 75 copies of this limited-first-edition-numbered-hardbound volume will ever be printed*)

And no, I don't plan on selling the book on EBAY.

You can go order these too, right here: And check out the other great lit while you're there!

But now I have to give my credit card back to my partner, because otherwise I might do bad things with it.

It's a voluntary thing.


He does good things with it.

Like today he made me a salad at the grocery store. He made himself one too.

They were very attractive.

I referred to them as "artisanal salads."

It's fun to call everything "artisanal."

It ends in anal.

But of course you don't pronounce it that way.


  1. thank you for ordering the hardcover, it's rad

  2. hehe.

    I look very much forward to receiving it, Matthew.

    Hardcovers are so swank.

    And dual author editions are nifty.

    I have that one Alice Notley/Douglas Oliver combo book.

    I knew I wanted Kendra's book fer shur, then I saw the deal and wondered...then I went and read your FIELD MICE bookie online and said...fer shur x 2.

    live long and prosper, Matthew Savoca. and propagate. or something else similar.

    i was going for a "star trek" effect by using your full name. like i'm a vulcan who doesn't understand it's just okay to say the first name only.

  3. it's okay to just say.

    not it's just okay to say.