Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kendra Grant Malone

has written some pretty amazing poems here: I loved every one of these.


  1. Thank you so much! And FYI most of these poems and many more can be found in my full legnth poetry collection, Everything Is Quiet, now available for pre-order from scrambler books

  2. Thank you for writing them.

    I think there is such a thing as healing candor, which I suppose is empathy, and your poems are rich in that.

    If we could get an interview with God and get to ask the Great Pronoun twenty questions, I would probably waste at least half of my questions on silly things I wonder about.

    But I suppose I'd have to ask the Pronoun..."...and the Damage thing?"

    And I like to imagine the Pronoun saying, "Oh, you were suppossed to turn that into beautiful embroidery. A jacket. Wear it. I actually thought it was useful. I'm sorry. Maybe I fucked up."

    And I'm always impressed when poets can do that.

    I mean the ones who don't decide it's all just a game.

    Not that I don't understand why they do that.

    But I'm more impressed with the poets who can work with the Damage.

    I'm going to go pre-order your book now.

    Thanks for letting me know how.

    Those last two sentences sounded robotic.

    Not my intention, sorry.

    Three people were watching a horror movie downstairs and then another person came in the door and I gave that person my seat.

    So three people are still watching a horror movie downstairs but I am not one of the three people.

    Because the movie was really horrible. Just people stabbing people and videotaping the people they stabbed and people kept in chains as pets.

    It was like PETSMART for serial killers.

    So I gave up my seat and came upstairs and now I can order a poetry book I will like, which is much better than watching PETSMART for serial killers.

    Which makes me type robotic sentences.

    Be well, Kendra. And all that good stuff.