Thursday, August 26, 2010

Love Poem

"It was disingenuous of you to disingenuously accept the disingenuously-proferred disingenuous Poison Apple when I disingenuously held it out to you at your disingenuous front blog door. You disingenuously pretended to swoon and went into a disingenuous cryabetic coma just to get the seven disingenuous trolls you disingenuously sleep with (and sponge off) to disingenuously wring their disingenuous claws. And Prince Disingenuous was supposed to be all disingenuously charming and disingenuously kiss you and wake you from your disingenuous academic welfare swoon and slumber, which too I found disenchantingenuously disingenuous. This is the way you have made my world. Disingenuouser and disingenuouser," said the Evil Queen to Snow White. In her victim impact statement.

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