Saturday, August 21, 2010

Project Runway Update Update

Okay, I was THREE Project Runways behind!!

I still have one more to watch. I'm so happy to see it's not just me and that everybody else on the show finds Gretchen insufferable. The right person won this week (Andy) and the right person went home (the woman who made the dress that looked like duct tape with paper leaves hanging off it). Casanova is seriously trying Michael Kors' patience at this point.

Ivy is carted off to the hospital after fainting at the end of this episode. Lee thinks she is pregnant but I think it's more likely she ingested poison that Gretchen probably intended for Valerie. That's why Valerie's hairy mole has grown about two inches in two episodes too. Something Gretchen is slipping into her food.

Notice how two of the gals chipped in to help Andy pull off his dress...probably because they knew he stood the best chance of taking down Gretchen and stopping her from pulling off a hat trick with a third win (which she almost did, even though her hula tinsel skirt could have been "thought up" by an eight-year-old).

I was surprised little skulduggery guy (Michael? can't remember his name) didn't make it into the top three with his red flouncy over-the-top dress.

When bitch A.J. Thouvenot told Gretchen to shut up you could see the entire group was about two seconds away from pulling a Murder on the Orient Express number on her.

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