Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Skull-a-Day 4.0"

When I was a child I had a skull and skeleton fetish.

Well, Halloween was my favorite holiday.

Now my favorite holiday is Permanent Holiday.

No, I never wanted real skulls or skeletons. Yuck.

I just liked the little plastic ones with the green sparkling eyes.

And glow in the dark skeleton stickers, etc.

God knows I see enough of these things (and facial reconstructions, etc.) with all the Investigation Discovery and Tru TV shows I watch.

Here is a hugely popular and very funny site dedicated to skulduggery: Noah Scalin's Skull Thang.

Don't worry. Most of the skulls on his site are actually arts, crafts, body adornment, etc.

Very cool visuals.

And now there's a book too...

Wouldn't you know when I went to his Skull blog, the first thing I saw was a bunch of brains in Philly's creepy Mutter Museum.

I deliberately never went to the Mutter Museum.

Yeah, I knew it was there.

Watching X-Files was as far as I wanted to take that, thank you very much.

The Mutter is too real.

I didn't go to see those touring plasticized corpses, either.

I mean Yuck. Seriously. Yuck.

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