Friday, August 13, 2010

"Who Invented Homosexuality?" (According to Google) I Think it's So Funny that the Greeks and Turks Are Going at It Even HERE!

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Advanced searchAbout 272,000 results (0.25 seconds) Search ResultsWho invented homosexuality? - Yahoo! AnswersAug 2, 2008 ... Was there a person who is known in the gay community for ... No one invented it....the question should be, who was the first to come out of the ... - Cached
So we all agree. According to Jesus gays can go to heaven if they ...‎
Was pole vaulting invented by gay Greek men?‎
Is homosexuality real? Don't all men and women have emotions and ...‎
Christians, you know you didn't invent marriage right?‎

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Homosexuality existence where did it come from?And how did it ...20 posts - 9 authors - Last post: Sep 18, 2007
Many think homosexuality was invented by the Greeks just to piss off the Romans. In truth, many Greeks just adopted what we now call a gay ... - Cached - SimilarGet more discussion results
Glenn Burke, The Guy Who Invented the High-Five -- OutsportsThe Man Who Invented the High-Five. Glenn Burke: A Gay "Hero" With Feet of Clay ... when he became the first player to openly declare his homosexuality. ... - Cached - SimilarHOMOSEXUALITY : FACTS vsNot only was homosexuality invented, but also heterosexuality. Whereas, before, heterosexuality was simply normal sexuality, or just sexuality, ... - Cached - SimilarHomosexualityThe word "homosexual" was invented by the Austrian-Hungarian writer and "gay ... Carl Westphal (1833 - 1890) invented the disease homosexuality in 1870 ... - Cached - SimilarWikiAnswers - When was homosexuality inventedInventions question: When was homosexuality invented? 2009 by Angelica Rose Acevedo...=P. - CachedWhich race invented homosexuality and lesbianism? - Topix20 posts - 5 authors - Last post: Mar 1
Homosexuality came from the white people. They invented it. They love it. And they are destroying their race with it. ... - Cached
ethiopians invented Homosexuality‎ - Apr 11, 2010
Blacks invented homosexuality‎ - Mar 31, 2010
Why Turks Invented GAY SEX?‎ - Oct 31, 2009
Why are the Greek so ugly and hairy?‎ - Oct 28, 2009

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Gravity - LGBT World - God invented homosexuality to prove ...Since Darwin, the heart of evolutionary biology has been the idea that any genetic traits and behaviors that help the animal make lots of... - CachedThe Term "Homosexual"Jun 19, 2008 ... Kertbeny invented the term 'homosexuality' as part of an argument that it was natural, and a matter of private behaviour which should be ... - Cached - SimilarReligion and homosexuality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaWithin Japanese traditions, there is a widespread forklore that homosexuality was "invented" by the Bodhisattva Manjusri of wisdom and the sage Kūkai, ... - Cached - SimilarYou have removed results from this search. Hide them
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