Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Mean

Who am I to deprive the world my pathology?

A joke.


  1. I've felt deprived since you've been "gone." I'm glad your back! xx

  2. :)))))

    Looking forward to your new fabulist blog and this old fabulous blog!

  3. Thanks and love to you both. xo

    WTF is that new avatar, Angela lol?? It looks like motor oil or something lol.

    Kiddo, I am in that phase of random acts and gestures.

    I almost bought a chinchilla tonight. Thank God Lee's reason prevailed. I was in an "I need a new pet" phase. We were at PETSMART...the Halloween costumes were so cute...Angela, the only thing that stopped me is that link you sent me yesterday to animals saying "I want to die" or something because their owners had dressed them up like that in costumes Dru was spared both the devil horned costume and the mouse costume...they were really more bonnets...with a little velcro...not full costumes...

    My hardest impulse purchase to put back today was at WALMART---Dan-Dee makes great Halloween toys (check any major chain and you'll probably find some of their work) and they have 3 Halloween themed sock monkeys...the pumpkin one is particularly great...also there's a devil sock monkey (red with horns) and a Frankenstein green one (with belly scar---not that great).

    I had the jack o'lantern one in my cart to the last second. I decided the stitching was so loose and fabric was so thin that it wouldn't last to be the collectible it should really become.

    There's my shopping/impulse story of the day.