Thursday, September 30, 2010

I think

Got drunk that saturday
six gay boys floated over
obscenely drunk before they started drinking
got obscener / cuter
sweating undressing
the reason we drink
dvds all over the floor
they put in
whatever they wanted
that notorious attention span
why did i think
bitchy thoughts
i felt like a fucking scoutmaster
why do they pick
all the goriest fucking movies
"dude, it's fucking sexy!"
about organs coming out of the human body
in the most violent ways
told them not to fuck
on your end of the sofa
got naked but i left
after accepting
a pro forma blowjob
not to be rude
sex hosts its fucking self get real martha stewart
ended up in a bathub upstairs
reading poetry by candlelight
too funny i know
didnt do it
for drama queen effect
just wanted hot water to hold me
fucking: the soundtrack
a serial killer's victims
kept screaming
and the boys were laughing
while fucking
how do you watch SAW
or whatever
while you're fucking a human ass
or mouth whatever
two times a different guy
visited me
to see if "i was alright"
or wanted to join in
or be joined in the tub
i joked about the knife
under the bubble bath
why did he look scared
a joke dude
they look like caravaggios
in the candlelight
except with socks on
socks are not very renaissance
everybody has a father
i thought then
they left in twos
and called me on my phone
to say bye later
laughing thanks
well one left alone
and one stayed
the whole house
smelled like ass
and i had to cover that one up
i felt like my Dad
the whole house
smelled like ass
did i say that already
i sprayed a can of lavender
fields all over the house
like a magic housewife
i think i was missing you
then i went into the dark kitchen
and played with the refrigerator magnets
like fucking Sappho
or Mia Farrow probably does after midnight


  1. What an amazing scene that is. I feel like I was there then at the end like you were watching it.

  2. i don't understand the thing about keeping one's socks on

    what's that?


  3. I did that once and he laughed at me. I think it's for when you haven't shaved your legs ;)

  4. Hehe. I find it has a ghostly effect. For some reason.