Friday, September 24, 2010

Jason Mraz Invited

his fans to name his Superband.

Of the first five names advanced, I have to admit I liked Cheeses H. Crust and El Debarge!, even if the latter is actionable.

Here are the ten suggestions I put forward...

If he chooses one of these, of course it would make my incarnation.

1.) Not Philip Glass

2.) The Hard-onettes

3.) Splugetastic!

4.) Not At All Spinsterish Minstrels

5.) Claimed-To-Famers

6.) Mrazamatazz! (sorry)

7.) The DontCallUsBackupBiotches

8.) PoundItOuters

9.) Stand Back or Get Wet

10.) The Broughten


  1. ah good you're back, i did try askin other people to tell me stories about gay bears, but there seems to have been some sort of misunderstanding and i ended up in an alley with a very hairy man dressed in leather...

  2. Hahahaha.


    I like the word malentendu. The sound of it.

    That would be be a good name for a blog.

    Like a blog that was dedicated only to misunderstandings.

    Gosh knows there are enough of them.

    In the news. In romances. In dreams. In the checkout line.

    If your comment were a newspaper or tabloid story, some annoying journalist would have headed it "ALLEY OOPS!"

    Of course, if it were a TABLOID story and you were a celebrity, they would say you stalked the alley for days, even though you had turned down it innocently trying to escape paparazzi.

    I can't spell that last word.