Monday, October 11, 2010

from Twelve Poems for No Man

9. The Butterfly's Dipstick

I think it was a Great Mistake that poetry was born with a butterfly penis
A butterfly will not abuse the privilege of Penis!
I thought like all Innocents      Wrong! (Google Disabuseth)

I mean I was already in the dissenting minority w/ regard to butterflies
Butterflies don't have a lot to offer (IMHO) apart from their Wow Wear
apart from that Symmetry Thing     that Druggy Color Thing

They whisper weird things to each other during sex
Like "Your cock tastes like levulose..."

"BUTTERFLY sex is not as elegant an affair as you might think.
It seems that male monarch butterflies conduct an all-out sperm war
based on a crude measure of how much sperm is stored inside a female
from a previous mating. During sex the males physically restrain the females
for an entire day while injecting them with a fluid which contains fertile sperm
as well as seemingly functionless cells without nuclei.
Michelle Solensky of The College of Wooster in Ohio paired male monarch butterflies
with a selection of females that had had different numbers of partners.
She found that males could selectively increase or decrease the amount of fertile sperm in their deposits. For example, they deposited slightly more into a female for each of her previous mates."

Most human men will treat women
the same way to arrive at the "Who's your Daddy?" trump moment,
will repeatedly ask "Was I your best?" flapping their wings
in a threateningly beautiful manner...

cock ready to compete with every ghost in the room

boys begging to erase the blackboard to win the teacher's affection

Sly girls won't have this this butterfly penis bullshit

One said cheerfully: "I'm an Etch-A-Sketch, hon!
Just turn me upside down and shake me
and you'll see I'm good as new!"

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