Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Love Joni Mitchell But I Didn't Know

that David Geffen (whom Mitchell was very lucky to secure as her agent early in her career) was the titular "Free Man in Paris" in that great early song!

I love all the Joni Mitchell albums I've lived with for years. I think I was responsible for about a dozen DHL employees becoming Mitchell fans, since I played her cds a lot in my office.

I don't really know anything of her biography, curiously enough. I just never looked it up. And I don't know the background of these songs.

I just found that by chance...and it seems pretty solid. It's not speculation. That song was about him.

Do you have a favorite Joni album? Joni cover? I thought John Mayer did a really cute cover of "Big Yellow Taxi." Even my Mom loved that one.

She seems to be a musician's musician. Respected most by those who sell way more records than she does today. The crack songwriters, I mean. They know.

The Hissing of Summer Lawns (Patsy cites nostalgiacally on AB FAB). Court and Spark. (My brother's favorite album by her). Turbulent Indigo. (Possibly my favorite.) Dog Eat Dog (the album I played most at DHL, oddly enough).

The ethics at the core of her songwriting has largely remained unchanged since the seventies. Which is a beautiful, rare thing.

In a sense, she's a beautiful anachronism. But not her music. She continues to evolve in her own self-imagined universe.

She's like some sort of Tennyson of pop music.

You just go with the separate universe, because the style is so powerful and convincing...


  1. As you might have guessed (had it crossed your mind), I have been fan of Joni Mitchell's for ages. BLUE is my favorite album, and the cover itself is also gorgeous (there are others, too, where she has painted the primary images used). One of my favorite songs of all time is "A Case of You." Nothing like it.

  2. Hey, nice to hear from you Sheila. Especially from someone who has totally lived their life INSIDE music, as you have! Yeah, she's a phenom. Why didn't I mention BLUE? It was late! And she has that great sense of humor too...gotta love her "They Said I Was Crazy" (is that the title?) with Cheech and Chong backing her up lol. I heard Annie Ross's version but I'll take Joni's.... xo