Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Love the Way Whistler's Venus

seems to consist of a man and a woman superimposed.

It's sort of like the Hermaphroditus myth.

I love Whistler.

He was to painting what the Cocteau Twins are to music.

There is a way to take the representational over to the decorative and then shunt the decorative to a higher form of representation.

And Whistler does that often.

Looking at a painting like this I can't help but think of Klimt.

Because they both believe in working that aura space.

And Munch did that too sometimes.

There seems to be a huge fascination with animus/anima imagery from the mid-nineteenth century right up through the debut-de-siece period.

And then I guess psychology got it out of its system eventually (probably because people just acepted bisexuality more--it was no longer such a mystical "thing.")

Thinkers like Jung and Freud just talked the hell out of it until it was "the norm"--if not in practice, at least in the subconscious.

Plus artists soon had a few serious-as-fuck Wars to process.

And art starting get into the inhuman more, into process. Because all those new models were becoming visible. The mock-human, the automaton, the twittering machines.

Dada's intellectualism. I mean when it wasn't being nihilistic or anti-human.

When it was just delightfully skewering art for being such a fool's game.

But are the thinkers who believe in the Apollonian/Dionysian alternation model of ideology/history correct?

Because Dada is replaced by the more emotional Surrealism with abstract expressionism coming on the heels of that.

But then back to the intellectual process, new forms of conceptualism and automation in art.

And after that, technology sort of became the elephant in the museum.

I didn't realize until like a few weeks ago that Dan Flavin's surname is probably an invention.

I felt so duped.

I mean there are a lot of Flavins about.

That chick Stallone used to bone.

But when I realized what flavin means...and then thought of the art he was a big DUH moment lol.

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  1. Probably I am imagining this.

    About flavin.

    I think this was a dream I had about the word Flavin the other night.

    Ignore that comment.