Thursday, October 14, 2010

Invisible Light

I love this overblown track.

Gotta love the guest poeticizing by our Gaybraham, Sir Ian.

Influences here? Well, it's sort of hard not to hear Pink Floyd, but I think this song is trying bigtime to recapture the glory days of Frankie Goes to Hollywood as well....the total excess and self-indulgence of the sprawling thing.

Love that album to death. Frankie I mean. If you don't own the vinyl album with all the art and the delicious catalogue for their items to order, with the pretentious literary tie-ins, you're missing out. They even have a fucking Edith Sitwell reference if I'm remembering correctly. But not Sacheverell, I don't think.

I wish I had a special friend or roommate named Sacheverell. Lee would come home and find a note dowstairs saying, "Sacheverell and I have gone for a brief jaunt to Curacao. Be right back."

If I accidentally procreated, I would totally name the foetus Sacheverell before it had a chance to defend itself.

Four horniness-inducing syllables.

Somewhere I actually have a volume of his terrible poetry.

Dame Edith was stylin' though.

I think even Sylvia Plath was intimidated by her.

God knows why.

The hats. Of course it was the hats.

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