Sunday, October 10, 2010

I've Said it Before

And I'll say it again...Joe Wenderoth makes great videos.

In this example, some double Y chromosome yahoo scary guy steals his video camera and psychoanalyzes Joe.

Joe is as cool as you'd expect him to be with the situation, and good at reading weird, wired people.

There's more than a little "come on" in Scary Guy's floating the conversation in a sexual direction more than once.

Possibly he is gay or bi and was trying to suss out some homophobia to start a physical confrontation with Joe.

Which doesn't work.

The "cute belly button line" is parried beautifully by the "cute belly" line by Joe lol.

Generally, you're never more than seven words away from being murdered by someone crazy in America. So choose your words carefully.

I have my doubts that anybody mentioning UFC in this video has more than a good three opening lines on UFC.

Okay, maybe Joe does. I'm being cynical.

But it struck me more as a credibility thing.

Or was that camouflage?

Hell, I gotta use camouflage just to answer the phone.

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