Monday, November 29, 2010

You Do Not Have Permission

You do not have permission to be an antelope!
I don't care what anyone told you!
Mother Nature, Lover, M.F.A. advisor...

To eat grasses only, to be prey, crazily love the moon,
To spend all your free time in the sky's room.
Do you realize how ridiculous you look?

Here, I'm going to take photographs of you
Right now, as antelope; why don't you eat that rose?
Because I'm storing up snapshots blackmail...

I'm even backing it up on the J-drive,
These photos of you in your antelope pose.
Make it realistic. Take off all your clothes,

Since that's what you do in your antelope hours.
Don't be embarrassed. Be yourself! Now do that thing
Where you try to leap over the Moon,

I want to capture this. I can't wait to show this
to your children or your parole officer,
whichever comes first. I want everyone to see

these beautiful photos of this African beast I apparently nursed.


  1. There was some waffle here, but it was tedious so I'm shortening it down to 'I like this'.

  2. Thanks Rob! Your biz seems to be going gangbusters...congrats!

    I haven't had waffles in ages.

    You made me hungry for them.

    I used to think scones sounded as thought they would be good when I was young. And of course it would be "cool" to eat something so distinctly English (well it was when I was young--now they're everywhere here).

    And then I found out I probably would have had more fun eating fried toad.

    Maybe I got the "wrong" scones.

  3. Oh, chicken and waffles.


    Not sure if that's a Pennsylvania or American thing only.

    Maybe it's on your menus in diners over there too.

    But then I'm trying to remember if you call diners "diners" there.

  4. not sure we really have 'diners' not unless they're themed restaurants, spose it depends what you mean by diners, I hear diners and basically think of Nighthawks