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Paxtang, Pennsylvania.

Melamine Grieving Bench?


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Left on a grave as a gift.

Tombstone Detail: Pennsylvania

My One Ghost Photo is Up at Strange, Spooky and Weird...

Here. A lot of cool and fun stuff on the site.

I wonder if they saw the other one where the face of the apparition is so much clearer!


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I just joined a Troll Doll group. I think the average age of the members is eight. But I love it.


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Paxtang Cemetery.

Mine, Biotches!

Mine, Biotches!
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Don't mess with Chloe! She owns this fucking playground.

"Aren't You Forgetting Something?"

A tense moment in a scary drama.


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The garden is their Cheers bar.

3 Young Girls in a Cemetery

I spent most of yesterday photographing in da BONEYARD! I love the 35x zoom. You can be a total stalker and not even bother people with your stalking. I have other pictures where you can see all three, but I liked the way they lined up here to vanish. One is apparently explaining death to the other two. It only took like three seconds.

Death IS pretty simple.

I Am Ashamed

of the way I conducted myself towards a friend the other day.

And here arrives this splendid flock of books in my mailbox from Lunar Chandelier Press (love the name--reminds me of Mina Loy's Lunar Baedeker).

Thank You, Lyn, and I look very much forward to reading all of these.

And I'm sorry.

I can't even look at my email box. I hide under another email that nobody knows because of meltdowns like the one I had the other day...and the undeserved bile I spewed...

My memory is a Medusa. I can't face it.

And another wonderful book from Burning Deck (I have always depended upon the kindness of Waldrops)* was enjoying conjugal bliss with your books in my mailbox!

What can I say? It's a cold, rainy day in Pennsylvania.

I don't think we should blame books for thinking that way.

*it's okay to vomit into your mouth (just a lil) here.

A Copy of a Copy of a Copy....

We all see this happen with a xerox of a xerox of a xerox, etc....

But we tend to think with the digital it's "problem solved."

It's not.

I was trying to find the answer to this poser, and found this comment chain enlightening.

Perhaps you will too.

I have to see if Flickr allows upload of the tiff files. I think they do.

Matt 天天 says:

I've just noticed I don't have to export my raw files to JPeg ... what's the difference between that and tiff or the others? Which one will retain the best quality and are there any other concerns in this conversion matter?
Sorry .. I'm still a newb after all!

Posted at 7:05PM, 12 March 2008 PST ( permalink )

Nexusix Photography says:

Raw is the best file you can have.... It retains all the information that is shot by the camera...

Posted 33 months ago. ( permalink )

Matt 天天 says:

\yes but then u have to convert the raw to something like jpeg in order to view it right?
Posted 33 months ago. ( permalink )

euphemos says:
I think Jpeg is a lossy file, while the Tiff is lossless. Smaller files with Jpeg, but you lose resolution every time you edit and save. I would stick to Tiff if you must convert your images to a standard format.

Posted 33 months ago. ( permalink )

Life in AsiaNZ says:

I'm not an expert in all this but I think it's a question of storage space vs quality. RAW files have all the information and you can adjust setting to get the desired result. You then need to save as Tiff or jpg to print the photo or upload it to internet. Jpeg's compress things to get a smaller file but you also lose some image quality in the process. The greater the compression the more image quality is lost. If you use maximum quality (e.g. 9-12 in Photoshop) the results are still very good as far as I can tell. Tiff's can end up being very large files so can be slow to upload and you need more storage space. Its a trade-off and depends what you are going to use files for.

Another thing to consider is the resolution of the photo. The resolution for the internet is 72dpi (dots (or pixels) per inch) so even if you load large high resolution files to Flickr, it will be effectively be converted to 72 dpi for others to view. For printing photos, I think 300 dpi is a good resolution to use. So if you plan to print a photo at 6in x 4in it is best to save at 1800pixels x 1200 pixels. Anything larger won't really impact the quality of the print unless you print it in a larger size. If you plan to print larger e.g. 12in x 8in then save as 3600pixels x 2400 pixels. G9 maximum is 4000 pixels x 3000 pixels. I have never tried to print a photo from a Tiff file so don't know if the better quality file will yield noticeably better results or not. Anyone tried a comparison before?

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Life in AsiaNZ says:

Another thing, I generally keep the original file and "save as" for the edited file after cropping and other changes in Photoshop. Using "Save as" means the exif data is kept and if you want to go back and re-edit the photo, you still have the original to work from so you minimise "lost" information from multiple saves.

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Greg Woodhouse Photography says:

I tried uploading a TIFF file and then downloading the "original size" version. It was JPEG.

TIFF files are lossless, but they are almost as large as the RAW files. If you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, you might consider saving processed images as PSD files (not small), but saving the RAW files is a good idea, too. I convert them to Adobe's Digital Negative Format (DNG) and archive the DNG files, just as you would save negatives when shooting film. The nice thing about saving PSD files is that you can save all the layers in your image.
Originally posted 33 months ago. ( permalink )

Greg Woodhouse Photography edited this topic 33 months ago.

Matt 天天 says:

Very educational, thanks everyone!
Knew I could count on the G9'ers .. tiff sounds good to me.

Posted 33 months ago. ( permalink )

davidcampbellphoto says:

Jpeg is a compressed file. When a jpeg is saved, your computer looks at the data in the image and saves one bit of info to describe multible pixels. Say for instance, pixel at x1mil x y 20 mil is a certain shade of blue, and the next ten in a row are also, it saves one piece of info to cover all ten rather than separate info about each pixel. The more you compress the jpeg, the more it loosens the standard by what makes two pixels different. Jpeg is the standard web format. When I shoot for newspapers or web publication which is 90% of what I do, I output in jpeg.

TIFFs are not compressed at all and will be larger than both jpegs or raw. If you are going to carry a disc to a lab for prints it's your best bet. If you are archiving things over a period of time however, TIFFs take up a lot more disc space.

RAW is the data gathered by your sensor. When you import it into camera raw, you process it into a raster file rather than letting the onboard processor in your camera do it.. If you are going to output to print or web RAW will not work, you need to convert it to whatever you need. Shooting RAW is great because it allows you to change things like white balance and gives you more exposure latitude. It also lets you capture images in 16-bit color rather than 8, which is nice if you want to burn them to a disc and carry it to a lab. When I shoot for high-end print I output in tiff.

Another note on the compression thing, and this is a neat example of how it works. If you shoot five images in a row of the almost exact same thing, and you are using a slow shutter or something, if you look at the sizes of the saved jpeg files the sharpest one is the biggest file. More detail means it can't be compressed as much(think about it). Set your camera to record jpegs, shoot a few images of a scene, keep them all the same scene. Make a couple deliberately out of focus, then look at the sizes of the saved files.

All that I shoot everything RAW these days. I use photo mechanic to write keywords and captions and pick what I want to move into ACR
to convert to jpegs.

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_SiD_ says:

The difference between a TIF and JPG aren't discernible to the 99.9% of the population.

In print the industry has largely switched to 300dpi jpegs although a lot of high quality work is still stored as Tiffs.
Ggenerally they're too big and Jpeg compression has got so much better.

TIF have the advantage in print because they can store alpha channels. For example you can create a very precise path around some ones face (hair etc) store the path as a 'clipping channel' without editing the original pic. In Quark/InDesign you then can create masks and type runarounds based on this stored channel.

You can also create Duo and Tri Tone images in Quark/InDesign by using a greyscaled TIF.

So in short stick with jpegs unless you really need a TIF.

Posted 33 months ago. ( permalink )

Life in AsiaNZ says:

Interesting and thanks for sharing all your knowledge.

Posted 33 months ago. ( permalink )

meanderingmark says:

SiD, what jpeg compression settings do you recommend?

Posted 33 months ago. ( permalink )

Aricade says:

For yourself I would keep raw or Tiff of favorite images. I'll use photoshop sometimes to touch up photos. but if you never plan to change the picture after you have adjusted it with lightroom then probably JPEG is good enough .

Personally disk space is pretty cheap, if you can afford it go DNG for all your RAWS, and PSD or TIFF if you edit them in photoshop.

But SiD is right JPEG is good enough.. Unless you
re going to print bigger than an 8x10 a low compression jpeg is more than enough.

My stuff is valuable to me so I do raw and tiff... it makes me sleep better at night because I know that the indiscernible pixels will be perfect at 1600% zoom! MOOHAHAHA!

Posted 33 months ago. ( permalink )

Greg Woodhouse Photography says:

When I do shoot JPEG, it's L+Fine. To tell you the truth, I usuually leave the camera on RAW out of habit, but that's another story.

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Ghosts in Photos from Yesterday

Okay, I know cameras can do some weird things with light.

And especially cameras with computers inside them.

So I'm not sure if the ghosts I see on these pics were in the machine or in the air there as ectoplasmic folks saying "Hi!"

I told you ghosts are attracted to me lol.

I was sure if I was going to see anyone looking back it was going to be in the photos of the old Manse. I still get that feeling when I look at the pics of the one window.

But it was in the larger cemetery up on the high ground (great views!)

I have tons of pictures in which glowing crosses appear for my Catholic-leaning confreres, but I'll spare you those. They do tend to look like optical effects from the setting sun. But...

Some might say these images are no more meaningful or "real" than the images of funny pareidolia faces I snapped (see the blue building on my Flickr later).

But there was one I call "Greenie" and Greenie had something white (a cross?) below its neck.

That part of the cemetery did feel spooky. That's where the long line of darker soil was that fascinated me. Like a rose row that never went in. Looks like some German earthwork thingie.

And then I was standing at the doors of the big Mausoleum atop the hill taking pictures through the glass.

Yes, I was getting lots of reflections in the glass, I admit that.

BUT but but...when I look in the one picture there is the face of a young man looking out at me (pretty darn clear) and the size of the face (if it were a reflection) would mean the person was standing many many feet away from the glass, whereas I was pressed right up against the glass so....


"Ghosts on Film."

Just sing it to the tune of Duran Duran's "Girls on Film."

Enlarge these to see the details.

The face in the mausoleum is pretty clear to me.

I'm including the pic of the Manse window where I felt the presence, even though I see absolutely nothing in the picture.

I tried inverting a few of these to see if I could see more detail.

I "think" I "see" a "woman" in the window of the manse in the inverted version.

Wearing an old-fashioned dress.

Where's the number for that ghost show?


By the way, look at all those boxes right inside the mausoleum door.

Who knew ghosts get so much fucking mail.

I wonder who signs.

Hiberdating: Today's Featured Word at Urban Dictionary

Yes, it might be how you pronounce "hibernating" when you have a cold.

But it's also this...


November 30     553 up, 46 down

Someone who ignores all their other friends when they are dating a boyfriend/girlfriend.

I haven't seen or heard from Jennifer since she started hiberdating Teddy four months ago.

by Andy Freemon

I Like the Way Steven Pinker's Mind Works

His approach to linguistics and linguistic morphologies is justly appreciated because it is based in objective, scientific method.

Many earlier theories put the cart before the horse. (Cough! Chomsky! Cough!)

Pinker opens the horse's mouth and checks its teeth. And everything else.

Although I thank Rumelhart and McClelland for introducing Wickelphones into the English language.

Dr. Seuss somehow missed that one.

I like how he draws on others' research, like the work of computational linguists such as Nelson Francis and Henry Kucera (Brown University).

And he's smart enough to titivate his prose so it appeals to the general reader.

This is why people like Loren Eisely and Carl Sagan moved so many books even when they were writing on somewhat abstruse subject matter.

Thank God for the genial scientific prosateurs.

Some sentences from the chapter I just read that I loved.

"Likewise, heave-hove, stave-stove, rend-rent, bid-bade, slay-slew, smell-smelt, and thrive-throve-thriven are a bit peculiar, and one can predict they will go the way of chid and crew."

Funny, I still have a fondness for "bade" and (somewhat) "rent."

But he's right that when we use these words we are usually being a tad (or more) histrionic.

"Ullman found that verbs with doublet past-tense forms (strived and strove, dreamed and dreamt, dived and dove) have lower frequencies than verbs with just one past-tense form."

Thought for food!

And I loved this classic example which has to send a shudder down the back of any precisian who believes language is ever somehow intact or that "correct" is anything more than a pipe dream: "Recall from Chapter 3 that people often are foggy about what verb stem goes with smitten, rent, shod, hove and wrought. When that happens in the history of a language, a past-tense form can lose its moorings and drift over to some other verb. For example, went originally went with wend, and now goes with go."

Isn't that beautiful? I suddenly visualize a cold Anglo-Saxon mouth telling of wending its way.

Language's evolution is usually a combination of neologism, playful innovation and slippage. Lots of slippage. And, to state the tautological, changes in material culture and intellectual culture (duh!) contribute greatly to its evolution.

It's funny. My ex had this motto he coined that he stood by and I think it was very intuitive as to how language works. He always said: "Language--invented by children, perfected by adults." There was humor in his use of "perfected." That's paralanguage or the "you had to be there part." So I qualify.

I think it's funny how Wittgenstein (and Russell...and others...) tried to develop a language which would be all denotation, all truth value. "The cat is on the mat," yadda yadda.

And of course, some would argue that symbolic logic is that. The Boolean, etcetera. I suppose that's the closest the human comes to it. The syllogism and its kin. But syllogisms are populated by abstractions, even when they are mathematical.

If that perfect dream were realized...what a tragedy.

This would be to assassinate poetry, whose life-blood is of course the connotative. I think here of Keats' "Negative Capability."

Some philosophical chimeras keep popping up even after they have been slain a thousand times.

I think Cartesianism is one of these. Because when I follow the above train of thought, I end up right back at a Cartesian duality.

Even Koko is haunted by the ghost of Rene Descartes when you read her thoughts in language.

Not that she's thinking much about him or any Frenchman!

But I have to admit I'm sort of haunted by that line Koko once used to describe death where she evoked "curtains."

That's too fucking funny.

That's like something Stoppard would have put in a play.

Acerbic impossibilities.

That happen over and over.

fleech, fleer, prescind

fleech, fleer, prescind, anastomose

Monday, November 29, 2010

I Alienate Everyone

but the Spiritually Meaningful.

William Said

"Corporeal Friends are Spiritual Enemies" (3:26).

Dear God,

I watched over Your Shoulder
as you lost your grip on Him,
and your Brightest fell

into his cradle of Light

"i have seen these all my life

perhaps some more..."

athol brose

I'm Sorry, William Blake!

I forgot to wish you Happy Birthday! Yesterday!

You were all through my body and soul Today!

You and the Talking Heads.

I would like to make a film about You and the Talking Heads.

You go together in my head.


all the sparrows today were talking about you....

I Felt Like a Kid Today

I actually spent the majority of the day outside.

This is highly unusual for me.

But I am infatuated with this new camera and wanted to go somewhere where I could have fun taking photos.

So I ended up in...that's right...the cemetery.

In fact, two of them.

You've heard of the horrid Paxton Boys. They were seen as "heroes" in their time for riding down to Lancaster, PA and slaughtering the last of the Susquehannocks in an act of "brave" genocide.

These were old men and women past the age of reproduction who were subsisting by making brooms or something. We're talking several hundred years back. But Paxtang (my mother earth) has a good history of murder.

We're named after Peshtank, which is actually east of here, a river landing point several centuries back.

This is where my Mom still lives so I told her I would visit her after having fun taking pictures.

I figured I'd spend an hour or so but this turned into three or four hours.

Well, there are two cemeteries, the very old one with graves of people born in the 17th century. And the huge one across the street, where many of "my people" are buried.

And there's a park. And a playground. And the skies were gorgeous today. I could never take convincing sky pictures with any cheap camera I owned before.

I think this one took good ones. Don't know yet as I ran down the batteries.

I had a ghostly experience today. Why should this even surprise me anymore. I've come to believe that ghosts have no problem revealing themselves to me. I used to think it was JUST my house, but now I think they've picked me out. They probably fix on "troubled" people.

The thing today was the manse. The manse is where the Presbyterian ministers have lived for centuries. The ministers for Paxton Church. Well, the last one was run out in disgrace (and he had come all the way from Scotland!) after it was discovered he had a special male friend on the side. Yes, he was married to a lassie and had bairns.

Oddly enough, the manse has been empty since that happened. That must have been fifteen years back.

They clearly keep it in pristine condition (well from outward appearances).

I was drawn to this one window where I could see some yellow (wallpaper? paint?). I kept feeling some sort of presence as I was zooming in to take the photos through the branches of the huge trees next to this structure. I remember seeing engravings of how this looked in the 19th century. I know right where the garden used to be (that's gone) and even remember the window treatments and such. It's creepy to feel so connected.

But the odd thing happened when I stepped onto Sharon Street to face the front facade.

I was taking photos of the front facade when there was a bright flash of light through the second floor, the same room I had been looking at from the side a few moments before.

It wasn't a light turned on, because there's no way it would have been that bright in the midday.

And it wasn't a sun flash (like coming out from clouds) because I could distinctly see the flash of light was from within the room.

It was weird.

I know nobody was working in that building because I was there for a good length of time and there were no vehicles, nobody appearing in any windows. Nothing.

I know what I saw.

I don't remember ever hearing the building was haunted, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit.

I kept taking other pics of it and I took pictures of the windows again as night was coming on but didn't see anything unusual or even feel anything.

I'll look at the pics later. Maybe I'll get one of those weird surprises like you always hear people get later on film.

I got a cold ass many times today, as I often had to get down on the ground to get good photos of the old faded (acid rain! and just time) engraving on these stones.

I found it funny that so many graves made me laugh today. In a good way.

One Greek guy right near my folks actually had this on his tombstone: "I CAME, I SAW, I'M GONE."

I love it.

His folks must have actually honored his humble Caesarian joke.

You know he had to have come up with that himself and insisted his survivors have that put on there.

You rarely find that kind of wit on tombstones today.

In the Greek Anthology, it's a friggin genre of poetry: posthumous quips.

One of the things I love about that book.

Happy Cyber Monday!

Go cyber with someone.

Umm. I don't think that's what it means.

I already gave in to my cyber-extravagance when I bought one of the latest Canon cameras.

I am a slow learner with technology but am somewhat dogged.

I'm insisting Lee doesn't help me (he is a natural) so I actually understand.

But this beast is sooo complicated.

I at least figured out how to take SOME photos and I was oohing and aahing as the camera can see WAAAY better than my other digicam and WAAAY better than me.

I had already told Lee, "bad side with this camera is I'm going to realize EVERYWHERE that needs dusted that I had no clue before..."

Here are my firstlings...don't fret over the composition here as I wasn't even thinking about that stuff...I just wanted to test it out on DETAIL and the thing came through with flying colors....

I can't wait to actually set up some composed photos and see this baby work.

I love this camera.

Dru just crawled under the covers next to me. He's very snakelike when he does that.

I am going to go have a ham and eggs breakfast. I love that Kentucky black forest ham.

A Jewish Antelope Stops Off at Home Before Spring Break

You do not have permission to be an antelope! I don't care what anyone told you: Mother Nature, Lover, M.F.A. advisor...to eat grasses only, to be prey, crazily love the moon! Are you insane? To spend all your free time in the sky's room. Do you realize how ridiculous you look? Let me call the neighbors over. I want them to see this. Do you mind? Here, I'm going to take photographs of you right now, as this so-called antelope, jackalope, whatever. Why don't you eat that rose? While I take the photo. Because I'm storing up snapshots blackmail. It's what we do. One day you'll understand. I'm even backing it up on the J-drive, these photos of you in your so-called antelope leap. Make it realistic. Take off all your clothes, don't be embarrassed, I've seen it all before! Since that's what you do in your antelope hours. Why be embarrassed now in your mother's living room? Be yourself! Now do that thing where you try to leap over the Moon, I want to capture this. I can't wait to show this to your children or your parole officer, whichever comes first. I want everyone to see these beautiful photos of this magnificent African beast I apparently nursed.

You Do Not Have Permission

You do not have permission to be an antelope!
I don't care what anyone told you!
Mother Nature, Lover, M.F.A. advisor...

To eat grasses only, to be prey, crazily love the moon,
To spend all your free time in the sky's room.
Do you realize how ridiculous you look?

Here, I'm going to take photographs of you
Right now, as antelope; why don't you eat that rose?
Because I'm storing up snapshots blackmail...

I'm even backing it up on the J-drive,
These photos of you in your antelope pose.
Make it realistic. Take off all your clothes,

Since that's what you do in your antelope hours.
Don't be embarrassed. Be yourself! Now do that thing
Where you try to leap over the Moon,

I want to capture this. I can't wait to show this
to your children or your parole officer,
whichever comes first. I want everyone to see

these beautiful photos of this African beast I apparently nursed.


Oh, just leave the t.v. on
The Murder Channel
With the sound turned low
And I call this my Nightlight
This box where humans stalk humans
Mostly reruns of bad dreams
Homicide's Grecian Urn
This endless brede
Humans stalking dead humans
Through funny glowing boxes
Rather like Best-Loved poetry


Again I don't want to sleep in the dark
Why be afraid of the monsters
Who've already come and gone
Oh, just leave the t.v. on
The Murder Channel
With the sound turned low
And I call this my Nightlight
This box where humans stalk humans
Mostly reruns of bad dreams
Homicide's Grecian Urn
This endless brede
Humans stalking dead humans
Through funny glowing boxes
Rather like Best-Loved poetry


I have returned to my childhood again
Again I don't want to sleep in the dark
Why be afraid of the monsters
Who've already come and gone
Forgetting at most a bill, a book, postal key
Be afraid of the one who stays
Who isn't under the bed
Hiding behind dust bunnies
Oh, just leave the television on
The Murder Channel
With the sound turned low
And call this your Nightlight
This box where humans stalk humans
Mostly reruns of bad dreams
Homicide's Grecian Urn
This endless brede
Humans stalking dead humans
Through funny glowing boxes
Rather like your poetry
With its occasional commercials
Of conscious identity

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Poladroid: Playground

Across the street from me.

Poladroid: Cherub Peel

Poladroid: Cat Toy

Poladroid: Cat Toy
Originally uploaded by William Keckler

Poladroid: Death of Marat

Poladroid: Japanese Maple

Poladroid: Waves

Poladroid: Waves
Originally uploaded by William Keckler


Originally uploaded by William Keckler


Originally uploaded by William Keckler