Saturday, January 29, 2011

How Does Lee Know?

How does Lee know which books are the perfect ones for me when he goes to the library. He's not a big reader overall. But he's canny.

He brought me home David Sedaris's Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk.

It's a book of smart-ass fables! I had no clue he had written any fables!

I've enjoyed previous books by him (especially Me Talk Pretty One Day).

And I love modern fables.

He stays with animals but they are definitely tales for adults as much as they are for children--perhaps more so.

And Ian Falconer (yeah, the Olivia guy!) contributes some decidedly dark illustrations.

I've only read a few so far, but the style is addictive and I find myself craving more.

These remind me of Oscar Wilde's take on fairy tales and fables.

There's a real unembarrassed prettiness to the language.

I'm sure he had a ball writing these.

And reading them.

As much as I love Amy Sedaris, David is now actually starting to pull equal with her in my esteem.

But I bet he can't get David Letterman hot and bothered.

Try that one, David!

(Would be funny and creepy if he went on Letterman "as Amy.")

I like to imagine Letterman's sexual confusion.

In his one book (I forget which one) David stops to shop briefly at the TOYS R US a few blocks from my house.

He was buying a Barbie for a young relative.

I wonder if he noticed the TOYS R US is right across the street from Dauphin County Prison.

It's like two hundred feet from front door to front door.


  1. I love him too! I haven't gotten to this book yet but even tonight I lent out his When You Are Engulfed in Flames to a friend. He is addictive. I read one then got them all. I'd love to see him read but tickets are mucho dinero! Good for him though. It sure beats being an elf!

  2. THE ELF!! LOL

    Hi Rachel xo

    The ONLY reason I'm still awake is cuz FIOS sux!!

    I can't use any of the phones in this house

    It started with one phone

    Now it's ALL of them!~!