Sunday, January 30, 2011

Naughty I evil?

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: hey
Stranger: male here
You: i just realized i'm musky right now
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: then?
You: i can work with hmmmmm
You: C'mere
Stranger: sorry, i don't get,what's mean
You: you no speakee english?
Stranger: not my mother language
You: what is?
Stranger: chinese
You: old?
Stranger: 26, u
You: I like Chinese men
Stranger: tks
You: I am older 45
You: Have you done Chinese porn?
Stranger: no
Stranger: why u like chinese man
You: I have done Chinese porn. If Taiwan counts.
You: Because you are so inscrutably sexy.
Stranger: (:
You: I'm surprised China allows Omegle???
Stranger: why not
You: Don't they block Western things?
You: Oh aren't IN China right?
Stranger: u may disunderstand
You: I disunderstand
Stranger: china also like to accept most the western things
You: Wow..that is you like Britney?
Stranger: yeah, she is hot
You: She is universal.
You: What would you do with Britney?
Stranger: can i with her
Stranger: hah
You: I am Britney Spears. Surprise.
Stranger: big surprise
You: I"m so bored with my career. So I Omegle.
Stranger: everyone have pressure, u should relex, right here
You: thanks..will you do acupuncture on me?
Stranger: sorry
You: What's your name, sexbot?
You: I hope it's not Wang.
Stranger: who is wang
You: Wang mean penis
You: "man part"
Stranger: u can call me hoo
Stranger: Hoo
You: Hoo is hot
You: I like to drink Yoo Hoo
Stranger: lol
You: it's chocolatey
Stranger: nice
You: What is your favorite band or musical act? Do you know Faye Wong (Taiwanese)?
Stranger: i just drink tea or coffee
Stranger: Linkin Park
You: wow
You: are you a thug?
Stranger: Faye? She is a chines
You: hot yeah
You: She sings Cocteau Twins songs
Stranger: no, just like to listen, i need passion
You: I need passion too
You: Are you musky?
Stranger: no, a common guy who work in a company
You: What does your company do?
Stranger: sell some useful things
You: like wha?
Stranger: daily use
You: wht?
You: what?
Stranger: tableware
You: I like tableware. Tableware is hot
You: What is your favorite taboo?
Stranger: good
Stranger: i guess no one
You: Do you know what taboo mean? It is a weird word
You: Taboo means "forbidden act"
You: Like sniffing your sister's underwear
Stranger: in fact, no taboo
You: You are pure
Stranger: tks, i don't like to do such things
You: Do you think all Chinese are pure
Stranger: do u have any taboo
You: I have dozens of taboos
You: I am a Taboo Queen
Stranger: i don't think so, not even the chinese
You: Such a pity!
Stranger: example
You: I love to sniff man musk
You: your scent
You: do you like Gwen Stefani? She is my neighbor
Stranger: pleasure if i can
Stranger: sorry, i don't know her
You: Hoo, how do you say "horny" in Chinese..what is the sound?
Stranger: se
You: say?
You: or seh?
Stranger: i think seh will better
You: I am seh
You: Give Britney what she wants
Stranger: me too
Stranger: haha
You: mmmmm if i had a Transporter
You: i would zap you here
Stranger: wonderful
You: You are much smarter than I am. Because you speak Chinese and English. And I could never learn Chinese
You: How tall are you? I am told most Chinese men are at least six foot three....
Stranger: heh
Stranger: i also not taller
You: How tall sexbot?
Stranger: 1.75m
You: I don't know metres.
You: Can I smother you with my breasteses?
Stranger: oh, that's nice
You: I thought so
You: I am listening to "Love Shack" by the you know this song Hoo?
Stranger: i like them
You: Hot
You: We are "on the way"
Stranger: sorry
Stranger: yeah
You: That means things are going well
You: "on the way"
Stranger: right, on the way
You: I will teach you English while making love to you
Stranger: that's sound good
You: right..the best kind of tutor
Stranger: i like u
You: I like u too
Stranger: heh
You: ((((Hoo))))))
You: That is like "hugs"
Stranger: ((((Hoo))))))
You: Don't you think most Americans are evil though? Be HONEST
Stranger: it's very nice in such cold day
You: cold here too
Stranger: no, i don't think so
You: Did we conquer the world by accident?
Stranger: it's a culture, different like china
You: China has more respect in it
You: Americans have very litltle respect for anything
You: Only pleasure and money
You: and movies
You: and sex
You: we like that
Stranger: it's a life, right
You: we are strange...colonized...then colonialists
You: do you know LOLcats?
Stranger: i don't like that
You: don't like what? colonialism
Stranger: LOL cats?
Stranger: yeah
You: yeah cats
You: i think we are mostly done with was too expensive!
Stranger: we need freedom for everybody, no one should contol others
You: you are smart
You: right
You: do you only have sex missionary style
You: or would you do me "doggie style?"
Stranger: in fact, few experise for me
You: you are virginal?
Stranger: doggie style is good
You: mmm
Stranger: no
You: i like
Stranger: yeah,me too
You: i think you would make me scream (in a good way)
Stranger: wondeful posture
You: yes..wonderful posture
You: position
You: we say
You: in the vernacular
Stranger: heh
Stranger: right
You: what is your opinion on blowjobs?
Stranger: this position good look
You: look?
You: or work?
You: or luck?
Stranger: blow jobs?
You: yeah?
Stranger: can u tell what is it
You: the mouth sucks off the penis until it explodes cum
Stranger: on my god
You: lol
Stranger: that's perfect
Stranger: lol
You: we are agreed then
You: blowjobs are good?
Stranger: sure
You: you are perfect
Stranger: u 2
You: is your penis very white? because i like a penis to be VERY white
Stranger: i like u, honey
Stranger: lol
You: i like you too Hoo
Stranger: not vey, but looks nice
You: what movie made you horny?
You: American movie?
Stranger: Janpan AV
You: What American actress would you like to make love to?
Stranger: ehh, let me see
Stranger: i forget her name now
You: what movie was shie in?
You: she?
You: demi moore? angelina jolie?
Stranger: no
Stranger: not them
You: amy sedaris?
You: zoey deschanelles
You: phoebe cates?
Stranger: also not
You: betty white
Stranger: but Britney will the one
Stranger: lol
You: that's Me!
Stranger: yeah, is u
You: you will be my first Asian boyfriend
You: will you beat up Kevin Federline (my ex) for me?
Stranger: my pleasure, queen
You: thx xo
Stranger: yes
You: i love you
Stranger: me too
You: what weapons do you hve?
You: have
Stranger: a big crabstick
You: lol
You: i like
Stranger: hah
You: will we live in China or America or both or neither
Stranger: it's a dream
Stranger: lol
You: I build all my castles in the clouds
Stranger: it sound good idea
You: if I gave you my credit card number you would realize I am serious
Stranger: hmm,..i belive u
You: is Mao liked in China now...or is he "out" now?
Stranger: He is a great man
You: But I am great Britney
You: I wrote my own Little Red Book
Stranger: yeah, u great Britney
You: It has a lot of "uh ohs" in it...I admit
Stranger: can i see?
You: Do you think Mao would do me?
You: He liked the ladies
Stranger: i don't think so,hah
You: I am hurt
You: Injured, wounded. crying
You: tiny, lost
Stranger: Every guys like beauty
You: even Mao
Stranger: on, it's my fault
You: What is your favorite "Mao quote" and what is yoru favorite "Britney quote?"
You: i forgive you
Stranger: i like Britney
You: I have to got to bed Hoo. It is very LATE in America. Do you want my email?
Stranger: okay
Stranger: pls
You: _____________________ Write me anytime. xox
Stranger: okay, i will
You: Goodnght, sexy man.
Stranger: my queen
You: xo
Stranger: good nighr
You have disconnected.


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