Sunday, January 30, 2011

Whine and Ye Shall Receive

God, I love this guy!

Craig Conley's the only (living) magus I know. And one of the few guys I'd bestow the mantle of logodaedalus on as well....

And he hearkened to my philosophical pining yesterday (see my post "Why Does it Bother Me" if you care to know what I'm ranting and raving about) for a lime camouflaged in limelight.

Craig, the spooky thing is you got the exact shade of light I wanted. I mean I'm not pulling your leg or anything else here...that's the right saturation, eeriness, otherworldiness I wanted.

Sort of a Lucas Samaras energy saturation of color.

I love this!

As they thay in Barthelona: Grathias!!

I hope you use it as an author's photo somewhere because it's too good to be wasted on a blog.

I can see I'm going to have to make my quixotic wishes more quixotic.

I'd go whine about a unicorn right now, but I'm afraid you might produce one lol...



  1. I love Craig,too.....

  2. He is easy to love, no?

    But I'm afraid he belongs to another.

    So you and I, anonymous, unless you or that "other" shall need to console ourselves with his apparitional "net self."

  3. will need...WILL need..and insert comma after the "r" in "other"....