Monday, January 31, 2011

WTF Department

One of the photos to caption on the Cheezburger site is this very strange one.

I Googled the guy's name at the bottom and could learn only that he was an Edwardian actor. And I think the photo dates to 1906.

I saw someone else had blogged it and wrote only, "I wish I could find a reasonable explanation for this photo."

We can assume it has something to do with a theatrical production titled "The Little Stranger." Right?

It looks totally off the charts in terms of contemporary mores and values, but who knows. Maybe their outre sense of humor in that time period blinkered them to the fact that this was a questionable way (at best) to photograph a kid.

But then I guess kids weren't exactly handled with kid gloves in the Edwardian era.

They were down in coal mines all over the place too.


Creepy creepy.

But one wonders if there is a lost dramatic work that is so fucked up that it might be interesting to read?

I'm wondering if maybe it was just another "garden variety" Freaky Friday body/soul switching plot?

God knows we've suffered through decades of that hackneyed "plot."

Maybe it goes back further than I realized.


  1. Edward is 16 years old in that picture. He looks several years younger because he was playing the role of a baby in the play "The Little Stranger."

  2. Thanks for the info. I had no idea what the age was or if it was some sort of genetic disease that altered the actor's size or aging process (like progeria or the opposite of that, if there is such a thing).

    Maybe I was cursory in my Googling, because I found scant info on him.

    Perhaps you're familiar with his biography.

    I'm trying to remember if he had a Wiki entry. I'm thinking not but I'll go check now out of curiosity.

  3. The play is about a dwarf pretending to be a baby to cure the mother of her dependency on spiritualism. Look up

    1. Ah, thanks. Sort of fascinating now that I see that in the photo. I'm thinking of the Menotti opera. There was so much debunking to do in that period. And now Dr. Oz is promoting it again lol.