Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dear Investigation Discovery,

You have a new program, Stalked, in which (so far only) women talk about the horrible experiences they had when they were stalked.

Well, the ones who are still alive talk about it. The ones who didn't make it have loved ones to talk about it.

You don't get the convicted stalkers' "versions of events" nor give them face time and air time.

This is ethically sound. I could see the point of doing that if there were a very controversial he-said, she-said case where the possibility that stalking laws had been abused was looked at. But the cases examined (the episodes I saw) were clear cases of nutzoid stalkers who just wouldn't stop. And most of these stalkers eventually resorted to violence.

So you have made the ethically sound decision to respect the victims.

So why can't you see how ethically unsound and horrible it is for you to feature hardcore cons on a show like I Almost Got Away with It, and allow them to romanticize their own crimes, which often involve multiple murders.

And then you have (better looking) actors portray these criminals in slick re-enactments.

It's not that I believe you're paying these people. I'm assuming you don't and can't because they are disallowed by law (I assume) from receiving financial gain from their crimes? Or at least I hope that's the case!

It's not that.

It's the fact that you aren't even thinking of how insensate (it's beyond insensitive) this is, and how disrespectful of the dead victims and their still-living loved ones it is.

I find it disgusting and I'm sure there have to be others who do too.

Nobody wants to see these guys smiling and laughing about how slick they were in evading law enforcement.

It's a dumb show anyway.

Once you've seen a few episodes, you've seen all the tricks these guys employ on the lam. It's not that exciting.

And to see them arrested and get their "comeuppance" does not make up for their smirks and laughter and seeing them enjoy the ID limelight for the time they do.

If you're going to keep a stupid show like that, you should recut it so there is no convict input and no convict interviews.

I mean when Candice DeLong interviews killers, the show is called Facing Evil and the interviews are conducted with sobriety and with the intent to understand why and how these women rationalized murder.

There is a moral compass to that show.

But when you do this slick dick How I Made an Ass out of Police for Ten Years after Shooting Four People Dead in Five Minutes show it just tells the viewer you are a network willing to sink to the lowest level to try to win a few guys away from SPIKE TV.

Overall, you are one of the classiest and intelligent networks out there. But a show like this brings the prestige level down.

I really hope the ratings suck on that show so it's pulled soon.

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