Friday, February 18, 2011

Dear Ted


I used to be a snob towards you

when i went to d.c.

i said something not nice about you

to a poet who idolized you

i'm sorry

i think i said i got everything

i need like that

from apollinaire long ago

that was a very catty thing to say

and later i realized

apollinaire was nice as unicorns go

but he was never unseemly

and you were

you insisted that poetry can be a career

which is probably the most unseemly thing

i can think of

also very brave

i mean poetry walking down the street

not poetry teaching poetry

i mean poetry barebacking

and of course only drugs can fund this

drugs and fellow addicts

only the street can keep poetry unseemly

and it must be

but what heartless beast does not do drugs?


would you let such a creature in your bed?

if you were twenty-five?

i'm sorry i was mean

i like your unicorn


Your unicorn is amazing

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