Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Love Jason Mraz

There are only a handful of musicians who make me woozy with admiration.

Most of them are women (like Liz Fraser).

But Jason Mraz has that voice (and songwriting skills) that come along once in half a century.

Believe it or not I did not own his 2002 album before tonight.

I knew all the songs, but Lee kindly got a copy for me and I downloaded it to my Media Player and am enjoying it now.

Mr. Mraz's last name means "Frost" in Czech (his descent).

This is funny because my Mom called my last night to let me know that the wonderful poet Celestine Frost is trying to get in touch with me.

I pray all is well with her!

We are friends and corresponded for years and then as I moved and moved again and her family grew, we sort of drifted apart.

My mom called me in the middle of the night to give me her New York address, which I noticed had changed.

I'm right here, Celestine! xoxo

But she must not be online! She's usually painting or drawing or writing poetry and probably doesn't care a whit for the net.

But anyway, I was Googling Jason and reading about him.

Not only is he uber-talented as a songwriter-singer, but he also is constantly working for peace, unity and the betterment of all.

Check out his blog if you don't believe me. He's the exact oppposite of a planet fucker.

I linked to his blog some time back. His bursts of positive thinking are so contrary to everything one encounters in this culture.

And he recently became engaged (Congratulations Mr. Mraz!) but is holding off on getting married until gay marriage is legal for all.

Typical of his ethical stance on everything.

God, I love this album.

He recorded this when he was 24 or 25. And it's just perfect.

Jason Mraz is one of that handful of people who make it very easy for depressed people to want to stay on this planet.

It's worth hanging around to hear that voice.

The pics I just found online.

I had never looked for any "sexy Mraz pics" but I did just now.

Love how he looks so much like Rupert E. in the one lol.

He amazes me.

Right now I'm listening to "Absolutely Zero" and am blown away.

Why did it take so long for him to get his Grammys.

This first album should have garnered him a slew right out of the gate.


  1. Trying to get into him....some things I the video of him and the Busker.. I mean I'm trying to sort out his popiness from his soul..which is not cannot be and is my job. In the meantime...have you heard this....probably of course....

  2. Hi. Very kind of you to link me to something Mraz. I'm on my superslow computer so can't check it out here but will later on the DSL one. Funny, you mention the busker clip. I love that too and posted it sometime back!

    I was actually going to delete this post because when I woke up I realize it's such a woozy fanboy post that it's terrifying. I mean if I were 14 it would be fine lol but I'm def not!!

    But I can't delete it because of your generosity. Thanks!

    I don't know about the distinction of pop versus soul. There is a lot of soulful pop. I mean Aretha's "Respect" was pop too right. And that's like a friggin anthem. I mean some intellectual wrote some great intellectual tracts in that period, but I think 'Retha's songs probably connected with more people in a more visceral way...and reached people that would never have been reached by the intellectuals. How many women walked out of nightmare relationships with one of 'Retha's songs playing in their heads? A lot I'm guessing.

    Mraz is hard to pin down as to pop, soul, or anything else.

    And sometimes it's the singer and not the song, don't you think?

    And those pipes! So rare.

    But it's not just a certain timbre, coloration, control and range.

    You have to understand drama to be a great singer (Billie Holiday! George Michael! Aretha!) and on a song like "Plane" he shows himself capable of being an actor as well as a singer. WAs surprised to learn he didn't write that song.

    But I'm a Mrazophile so I'm going on too long.

    I'll check the video later.

    He has to be one of the most watched artists on YouTube.

    I love it that he endorses people bootlegging him, filming him, etc.

    He's so not the typical music mogul.

    Again rare rare rare.