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The McStay Family Disappearance

IMPORTANT UPDATE ON MCSTAYS CASE: PATRICK ROBERT MCSTAY SOUGHT BY LOUISIANA LAW ENFORCMENT: WARRANT ISSUED. This might be the key to solving the mystery of the McStays' disappearance. Or it may prove to be unrelated. But it's important this individual is found.

Someone anonymously just left this comment on my post on the McStay family disappearance.

Hi Anonymous.

Since you ask some good questions I am going to repost them here and try to answer the few that I can with my extremely limited knowledge on this troubling disappearance.

It really seems to have touched a nerve with the culture, probably because it involves the disappearance of a whole family instead of an individual, and because--as in all good mysteries--there is so much that is enigmatic.

When the facts war back and forth, as the facts in this case definitely do, the mind doesn't want to let it go.

We become infected with the idea that we can solve this.

Sometimes that infection leads to discovery and the infection clears.

Sometimes it never gets solved (hello Marie Celeste! hello Jack the Ripper!) and it just lingers on forever, a toothache of the intellect.

But I'll give it a go and follow your thoughts here, my anonymous friend.

There is a McStay family site and, on 01/14/11, I posted the following. I still stand by it. I want to add that the huge number of aliases that Summer had and, even more, the differences in them indicate a high level of shadiness (as mentioned). Up-and-up people do not have this many aliases. Perhaps the focus needs to be on Summer and not Joseph. How interesting that we assume that the husband is the criminal. What an interesting cultural bias:

I saw the Disappeared show and it left me (like many) w/more questions than answers. I would like to pose my questions here because I have to conclude that they have been answered, just not covered in the broadcast:

(1) Re the food left on the table at the home: Doesn’t that signify that they left in a big, big hurry? That someone was gunning for them? As if they recd a phone call that said, “Get out of the house NOW!” This also applies to leaving the dogs (esp. the older one), which would never have been done except in an emergency situation;

Yes, this does SEEM to indicate that. But these could all be red herrings. If the family is WILLFULLY disappearing, they would want to give exactly this impression. Certainly there was no signs of a struggle, so unless they were held under gunpoint with the gunman in the van with them, they left of their own volition and not under duress. And if they left at the hour they did, don't you find it suspicious that the food was put out in a way that would be more consistent with them leaving at dinnertime or earlier in the day? That's another inconsistency, since they left in the middle of the night. Possibly more red herrings left for the police. I suspect they knew the dogs would be found and taken care of and they certainly couldn't take them into Mexico. And I stand by my original assertion: even if they left under duress, they would have had time to call loved ones (before or after) to let them know they were leaving the country. I believe the McStay family site is a front. That they are helping cover for their loved ones. This also explains why several family members would say they didn't believe the people seen on the videotape crossing over into Mexico are actually their relations. Again, I believe they are covering. Misdirecting.

(2) Re the neighbor’s video that caught them leaving in the SUV. Were there any OTHER vehicles that parked there or OTHER individuals that entered or left the house? That was not discussed. If there were no other people entering the house, that supports a phone call as mentioned above;

The show did answer this one. They said no other vehicles were seen leaving with them or following. Unless a gunman holding them hostage was in the van with them. But I find that unlikely. If this was a paid hit, the hitman would not have them walk into Mexico and then assassinate them there. That's just way too implausible. They would have been dead and disposed of in America if a hitman was in that house/van. But I don't believe any hitman was. You might be right about the exigency of their circumstances changing, if say that one shady business partner with the scary prison record or another criminal type had been "gunning for them." But when innocent people are threatened they call the police. Even if you have to flee first, you let the law know why you fled and who is threatening. Dirty, complicit people can't do this.

(3) Re Joseph’s involvement in some undercover operation. Why would other family members know anything about that if it were secret?;

This I always wonder about too? But I still find it hard to believe that if this were the case, the McStays could have just said to loved ones, "We have to disappear for a while, but I can't tell you anything more." Don't you think? He would have to really hate his entire family not to do so.

(4) If it is the family on the border crossing video, it was mentioned that they do not appear anxious. If they were instructed to meet a US gov’t agent in Mexico who would give them money and bring the to a safe place (perhaps somewhere else in the US or another country), wouldn’t that explain their calm and their bank funds and credit cards not being used? Is it still true that there is no activity on their financial accts? That does not bode well if that is not them on the videotape;

"Didn't you see the video clip? They don't look anxious at all. Their body language is like "we're going on a vacation." No activity as of the time of the documentary on that account. But they know that money's safe. No one can touch it." If one or both them is into drug trafficking, that 100K might be peanuts to them.

(5) People who have custom-made water products are usually wealthy individuals, no? Living so near Mexico, isn’t it possible that Joseph’s clients were wealthy Mexican criminals and that the US Feds recruited him for information?;

This is a smart hypothesis, but I don't think it's borne out by the facts. Unless the docu was wrong, they said Joseph hadn't been in Mexico in years. But you could be right. For all we know, Joe McStay might have been a federal agent for years.Or his wife could be. Or both of them. And all the shadiness could be government intellgience shade.But did she get into realty as part of undercover operations? Or are they both just schemers who want big money. If it's true what I heard was said on some message boards, that Joe's business seemed to do very little business, then that does point strongly in one of two directions 1) criminal enterprise like drug trafficking or 2) government agent.

(6) Witness protection is something totally different than DEA or Homeland Security efforts. Has the family attempted to involve any Senators or Congressional reps to try and glean secret gov’t information that is not being revealed to them?;

Again, I would think agents would be allowed to just say 'I can't tell you, but we have to disappear. And don't follow up on this...we will be safe and contact you when we can.'

(7) Why was no mention of phone records made in the broadcast? Either cell or landline. What calls did the family receive and/or make prior to their disappearance?;

These were doubtless followed up on and led nowhere. It's so easy to just keep using untraceable phones (and now there's spoof technologies) and pitching them. Drug dealers do this all the time.

(8) Could the toys be explained as the family killing time while waiting for the arranged time to make the border crossing?;

Yeah. Or more red herrings. Remember, there were four days unaccounted for BEFORE they cross over into Mexico (if that is indeed the McStays on the tap...I think it is). So maybe these were purchased to amuse the kids while they were stuck in some boring motel or hotel. Before the final arrangements for the crossing could be made. That four day gap could also indicate liaisons going on with criminal conspirators. Preparations, etc. Or it could have been "nerve delay." Before they took a BIG step.

(9) While Ross stores says it can’t place where the items were purchased, why can’t police review their security tapes at ALL their locations to see who purchased the items (unless they don’t have video and I will tell my criminal friends to shoplift at Ross’)? Were stores tapes (if available) reviewed at all?;

This is the sort of information that would probably not be released to the public. Ongoing investigations are not open books and don't fall under the Sunshine Act or anything like that. Police and feds keep their hand close. This might have been done. It depends on things like budget and priority. And once you wait a certain amount of time those tapes are usually recorded over. Probably they had been recorded over by the time the investigation got into full swing. Some stores keep tape archives but others just tape over old tape. It would depend on Ross's policies with regard to store surveillance.

(10) What about fingerprints on the toy boxes? There have to be some. Were any not of the family?

I'm sure that vehicle was totally dusted after it was impounded. Again, this information would not be released unless they had someone they wanted apprehended and needed the public's help.

I could probably go on and on. There is so much more here going on than we saw or either the relatives are permitted to divulge here or publicly. The holes in the the story are enough to drive a truck through. A little more truth or less denial would help in making this all more plausible and perhaps getting people to recall what they don’t think is relevant or material.

Hope this helps. The only thing that I wanted to say to you is you might want to be careful what you post on the official McStay family site. Because our speculations might be injurious to family members. We could all be wrong and they might not be the McShady family after all. And it's possible that some family members are "in" on whatever is going on or went on, and others are not. So there might be some genuine pain. I personally would never post anything there unless I had what I thought was helpful information. And I don't have any of that. Other than someone in Uruguay has read all my McStay posts, which I find odd. Because I wouldn't think the story penetrated that country's media. I haven't got searches for them from any other South American countries, so it is indeed strange. It could be an American abroad following up on the story, however. Or there could be other explanations. But if I were only given one guess where they are, I would have to go with Montevideo lol. Based on that.

Oh, one postscript: As to the "federal agent" theory, the fact that someone in the household searched "passport requirements" for Mexico would seem to indicate that this wasn't the case. Unless that was a seriously smart red herring left for us by the McStays following some government protocol for disappearance. Because everyone knows that today any hardrive is going to get completely scrutinized and archived, every keystroke logged from the moment you turned that baby on, the day you brought it home from the 'sto is going to be printed out and analyzed. Nothing is ever gone from a harddrive. Delete all you want. That harddrive is probably the key to the solution of who they really are, anyway. Because your trash and your harddrive are the key to your personality in this day and age.

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