Wednesday, February 2, 2011

poem handwritten for skeeter davis


is probably not fucking
probably not fucking
with us    I'd love to inch
You can keep the pet lions

A small child was lying to you, homes

You are a HASBRO queerbo
glowing so many plastic colors

the funny likeness
rip off Moholy-Nagy, I dont care

Art will often be childish
Death is everywhere (DEPECHE MODE)

Live a dangerous secret like Spiritual Buffet
death is probably not sporking

You could keep pet lions in your apartment
Live a dangerous secret life like that
You'd be more like Rimbaud

than a HASBRO queerbo
glowing so many plastic colors

Than if you slightly hooked off to Europe
on stupid Jet Blue with no lions

I mean I'd prefer a regular guy with lions
But only if they were uncaged

"There are a hundred challenging things a boy can do"

Darren sings of the dangerous secret life
death is not fucking with
you like secret lions
in children's storybooks sometimes there is cocaine

it's true

cocaine imagery that ruins a life

addicts die holding children's books

oh the lunamoth green world of Frances

That's like the organ meats of poetry
If your pet lions ate you alive
I would return to Twitter
a story like that see
You get to treat me like a dog
if you're dead

but you're not dead yet

People are people (DEPECHE MODE)
Arthur Rimbaud WALMART African dreams
but he did get to fuck men
without getting into prissy literary arguments
and vanity pistol fights
Africa is not Brussels

The condoms are airier

The condoms are airier in Africa (, Beloved)

right now
and it reminds me of you

Why do the birds go on singing

Don't they know it's the end of the world

en avancant

a story like that

I'd used to inch towards your poochy loins

Options: The Scribble Buffet or the Jimmy Buffet

Alcoholics make good pets for cobras

Cobras make good pets for alkie academic meerkats

SKEETER DAVIS understands all this

Why does the sun go on shining?

Because it's a helium addict

Why does the sea run to shore?

For the pussy

We will never overtake it not even that art

there are worse things than childishness

there are things worse than childhood attacking

I wake up in the morning and I wonder

You could still keep pet lions in your apartment

I'm not going to keep saying this

If your pet lions ever have the good taste
to eat you alive

we might have a fresh start

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