Saturday, February 26, 2011


This is horrible.

I had a really great day yesterday and then I guess I stayed up too late because it suddenly "came upon me" all at once and I was instantly messed up.

So I knew to medicate (I have over the counter drugs that work well with my one prescribed drug) and then I called Lee.

And then he told me something horrible.

A woman he works with had disappeared (yesterday) after leaving a note stating she was going to kill herself and that her body would be found in a local storage facility.

She didn't state which storage facility, and there must be twenty or thirty of those things around here. Some are quite large.

She's middle-age and has had several strokes recently, so I'm guessing she's had a hard time of it.

And then having to work. That might have been too much. She should have been getting help!

Lee said she's done this before (attempts anyway).

The police stopped in at Lee's office and asked if anyone had heard anything.

I hope they went to every single local storage facility and checked who had signed in or accessed a unit in the time frame under question.

She gets her medication at the same WAL-MART pharmacy I do, and one of Lee's other employees saw her coming out with her medication into the parking lot as he was entering it.

If he had only known! And could have talked to her!

He had not yet been told of what was going on.

I did pray for her.

Lee said nothing was known as of the morning and she had not been found.

I asked Lee what the temperature was and he said 32 degrees last night (not the best, but not the worst).

I'm praying she changed her mind and went to a local e.r. I asked if they had been calling hospitals (she could have been found unconscious and brought in as a "jane doe"). He said he assumed.

She has grown children who are of course out of their minds with panic right now.

I'm wondering if she wanted to be rescued. Because she did say where she was going. Sort of. But made it maddening.

I'm trying to figure out psychologically why she would choose a storage unit for suicide.

Is she trying to degrade herself by saying she's superfluous "belongings."

Killers often place bodies in those facilities.

If I were a detective, I would take cadaver dogs routinely to facilities and do a complete walk around past every unit.

I don't think you'd even need a search warrant, since you aren't entering the units or compromising them in any way.

But I have a friend who crosses herself any time we drive past one of those places, because she says she knows bodies are in there.

She's probably right.

I know suicides often choose motel or hotel rooms to commit the act.

Because they don't want their loved ones finding them and it's a reasonably comfortable private place.

But a storage unit?

Is it because she figures it will take longer for people to find her?

Maybe it's all a red herring. Maybe she lied to throw people off where she would really be.

But people don't usually lie in suicide notes.

Except for like murderers who want to exonerate themselves for either selfish or unselfish reasons whent they know conviction is probable.

But this poor soul.

I'm seriously praying this will turn out alright.

If she's in such a state she should not be working.

That probably just added huge stress to her life.


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