Friday, March 18, 2011

mel gibson is going

mel gibson

is going to play

a disturbed man

who wears a beaver puppet

on his hand

and the beaver talks

to him so mel talks back

and heartwarming things

happen because

i forget

Funny parody here of something that makes one sick to one's stomach to hear. It's horrible enough as is, but I read he was also physically violent. Knocking her teeth out while she was holding her child?!

Is this Ray Romano? Probably a soundalike.

And there's this.

Why is Whoopie wasting her time?

But she's right. He doesn't sound drunk at all.

Which is why I think he's speaking his true thoughts.

What's really scary is how close to this clip from the first Scream movie probably is to reality.

Because anger like this in a physically violent person addicted to alcohol does lead to murder all the time.

And once again, Mel got a pat on his little wrist.

This clip I actually find more scary than funny.

It's too real and it really won't be funny when Mel kills someone.

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