Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cruising Guide

Mail comes from Degenerate, scary, 10 years older than they say.*

Yahoo. Old guys, even more degenerate than AOL, constantly in chatrooms and obsessive cammers.

Comcast. Rednecks. Beer bellies small, medium and large. Some cuties if you like the plaid and deerstalker type.

Gmail. Young dudes. Hotties here.

Blackberry. Young dudes but also creepy businessmen sex addicts and truckers at the Holiday Inn.

Hotmail. Trash. Just total trash.

Work email. Total sex addicts.

Earthlink. WTF? How do you still have email dude?

*Yes, I'm on AOL lol. I pay 12 dollars a month though. Because I had a major bitch fight with half of India once (their c.s.) and I managed to get this sweetheart deal in exchange for an agreement not to sue.

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