Thursday, April 21, 2011


I read Deepak Chopra
because I am trying to free my elf


  1. Paul Dinello's ManservantApril 21, 2011 at 2:09 PM

    This post of yours is an interesting coincidence (for our separate-at-birth reality show proposal) to something I read just today, in a book called THE NEW WORD by Allen Upward (viewable at Google Books). I just tracked down the page in question again, so I could quote from it. Note the references to "elf" and even a mention of Iceland in this quotation:

    Some one has guessed that Self is shortened from soul-elf. . . . Self cannot be soul-elf. That S is far more likely to be the same S that we find in the Latin se, and at the end of English words like his and yours—the sign of ownership. If that is right, the Self would be the Own-Elf, and oneself another way of writing 'one's elf.' . . . The fairy word goes on unfolding. To me that elf looks very much like life. One's Life, I hold to be the best interpretation of Self. But one philologist tells me that "elf" is 'aelf,' or 'half,' and another that "life" is a remnant, the Icelandic 'lifa,' what is 'left.' And so, if there be any truth to lexicons, the Inner and the Outer Strength are named by these old words one's Own-Half and the Other-Half—the two Halves of the All-Thing.

  2. Fascinating, Craig.

    I swear I didn't read your post.

    So it is an especially weird "synchronicity," since the specificity level is so uncannily high.

    Are you also writing a yaoi book in which Adam Lambert and Justin Bieber are gay lovers and hoping to market it to Japanese prepubescent girls?

    Because if you're doing that right now too I'm totally spooked lol.

    I used to have psychic shit happen to me all the time.

    In my first relationship we were mind-melded...he was an identical twin who was separated from his twin (was away in military).

    So I speculate that I took the place of the mind meld he had with his twin.

    And we broke up only a year after his twin returned to the area and they do everything together again.

    But my partner then took it for granted that I was a total psychic because I could predict shit like crazy back then.

    I have known things like when I'm gonna win a contest and stuff like that too.

    But in the past few years it's been mostly zilch.

    I'm blocked. I don't really miss it. It wasn't that important to my life.

    And the ghost vanished permanently after showing himself to me (oddly enough).

    Maybe that's who's hautning your house.

    He just went through the internet lol.

    psychic xos