Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On the Beloved's Immortality

A butterfly "is okay" with being stabbed by light
"I need something from you," a flower says
"I need you to rub those butterfly ankles of yours all over me"
What a slutty flower! you think but get excited
And a star hushes you
Hush now

A butterfly is shown a timeline
That timeline is rigorous evil rigorous
"ohfuck ohfuck ohfuck ohfuck!" says the butterfly

It knows the timeline's impossible

So the butterfly is clearly malingering now
It pretends asleep on a gracious branch
While it does something useless with its showoff proboscis
On a branch wintergreen in hottest summer
Cools the butterfly's "sort of mind" down
You are that cooling wintergreen

To my mind you are like unto a sweet malingering

You hush me
My radio of need I carry to the beach
But late in evening
A nude butterfly listens to the stars

The butterfly slips and says "just bring a wineglass"
While it stares at the ocean breaking
Ocean takes a phosphorus poll over and over
exhausting for plankton, nekton & krill

Ecstatic travel has tired the butterfly out

The sea speaks then to the butterfly
Says, "You have mesmerized me with your brazenness..."

The sea speaks like an episode of Star Trek
It is very disappointing

Age approaches the butterfly on the street
The butterfly vacillates between the ethereal and Nevada
It's probably hopeless

The butterfly has nostalgie de la boue
The mistake is believing in human diagnoses
It overhears some flower saying to another
"Let down your zipper and your fond desertion!"
As they leave that beach forever
Clearly relationship trouble is everywhere in the Kingdom

Still, this butterfly would like to say to one particular flower

"I have your soul and miss only your eyelashes..."


"It is bountiful / to be scared / by your hush"

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