Monday, June 27, 2011

McStay Family Speculation

I have altered my own theory about the ultimate fate of the McStay family (see previous posts here for backstory).

A few troubling facts make me now believe that Summer McStay (or Lisa Aranda or take your pick of one of her many aliases) probably had her husband Joseph killed and went into Mexico with a man with whom she was romantically involved.

I admit this is largely intuition, but I base this also on a constellation of troubling facts.

1. At first, I was unsure which adult was searching the internet for passport requirements for entry/exit from Mexico. I now believe this was Summer because a story in one of the L.A. papers also revealed that Summer was taking a course to learn Spanish in the months before the family's disappearance..

2. Joseph's brother when asked by Nancy Grace whether he thought Summer could bring harm to her husband did NOT categorically deny this possibility. His answer was something like "I hope not." This sort of doubt implies to me he knows more about tensions or troubles in the relationship, pre-disappearance.

3. Many sources seem to believe it is definitely Summer and the children in the videotape of four people walking into Mexico by night (and the timing--one hour after the car was left nearby!) but many (including Joseph's own mother) do not believe the man who is holding the hand of the other child (Chubba) is really Joseph McStay. As his mother pointed out, his voluminous hair would have shown up on silhouette--even if tucked in, the bulk of the head would appear differently than it does. And I just put a lot of stock in the mother's belief. That she would recognize her son.

4. People have reported that Summer McStay was involved in illegal real estate dealings. I can't verify this but this information has appeared on more than one reputable site.

I just now intuitively believe that Summer McStay engineered the disappearance, and if there was another man in her life I don't think that bodes well. I mean in regard to the chances that Joseph Mcstay is alive.

To presume an abduction of Summer and the children by a stranger when there is so much indication of planning for this escape into Mexico seems implausible.

Was the purchase of toys found in the abandoned vehicle a ruse to distract the children from the disturbing turn of events...possibly a stay in a motel with their mother and a strange man....and the absence of their father?

And I used to wonder at the several days that elapsed before the "family" crossed over into Mexico.

But if you have to get rid of a body, that takes time and preparations.


  1. I agree with you. I think Summer had something to do with it and that it is Summer, the boys, and another man that crossed into Mexico.

    Didn't Joey go meet someone from Craig's List on Feb. 4th? Then there was a flutter of text messages from Summer to Joey right after that?

    My theory is that Joey was killed by this person he went to meet. THen that person went to pick up Summer and her kids. That is why there is no sign of struggle in the car or the house.

    They then went to Mexico where they were filmed and seen by a waiter and a missionary. However, the man was not Joey but someone else.

  2. Craigslist does seem to be a delight for modern murderers, who seem to have a hard time keeping anonymous anymore with phones (well, they use the disposable ones) and other means of contact which are more easily traceable

    But Joseph McStay wasn't killed on the 4th since the family disappeared on the 10th of that month.

    I'm not sure if you're thinking he met this guy on the 4th and then the guy killed him on the 10th (this sounds strange typing that). If so, what would be the point of meeting on the 4th?

    I have been leaning towards the "other man" and murder scenario, but I have to admit that show last night made me lean slightly back towards the possibility all are alive and together living as expatriates.

    Because I had not idea their resources were that large. Money, property, etc.

    I bought into the idea of financial woes or misrepresentation about money being earned, because of the outward signs of financial dereliction.

    But since they did have all those assets (owned land in South America, etc., possibly hundreds of thous in cash) the financial dereliction might mean only they had made the decision to leave...and why throw money away if you're going to do that. Being responsible is being foolish at that point. I mean if you're sure you're not coming back and are going off the grid.

    But if would have to presuppose that Joseph McStay would put his family through hell.

    But if he had personal issues with his family I suppose we wouldn't know. And maybe he suffers from mental illness and has a fear about contacting them. Panic attacks might have only been the tip of the iceberg with mental health issues. Although he seemed to be VERY highly functioning. But I suppose you can be totally paranoid or brainwashed and still be very highly functioning.