Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Yo Mama Jokes

on Scribd have an insane number of reads and comments.

Overall, my documents on there have over 620,000 reads.

Scribd gets a lot of traffic.

So I figured I would give in and work on a blog for the Insensitive and Impaired.

It's ostensibly a Yo Mama site but I want to add other quips and the like.

I do love the Yo Mama jokes though.

It is a very American art form, IMHO.

It has all our crassitude built into it.

I like the gamut of Yo Mamas though, not just "fat." Although that's where I'm starting.

But I think you can link virtually any adjective up with the predicate and run.

I do love watching the Yo Mama slams.

Anyway, here's the blog.

I'm going to try to turn obsessive and write like 10,000 of them or something.

Bipolar people specialize in this type of behavior.

It is, for better or worse, what we do.

I added the blog to my blogroll.

1 comment:

  1. Heres a yo mama joke.Yo mama so fat she has a dream about marshmellows she woke up her pillows were gone.Yo mama so stupid she tripped over a cordless phone.yo mama so fat when she went to the movies she sat by everyone.Ok bye i would write more but gotta go