Monday, July 11, 2011

Harrisburg Poet Marty Esworthy with His UltraViolettes

Heh heh.

Love seeing/hearing poet Marty Esworthy anywhere.

Looks like this is from 2010.

I'm sure I missed some great readings/singing.

So few poets bring backup singers to their readings.

Marty's the exception.

Two poems by Marty Esworthy in an online journal, one of them actually moving with a very strange camera through Wordsworth's alleged menage with his sister--a rather comical but sympathetic and even moving take. But the poem refuses to have a single about; it's multifocal, Everywhere and Interesting, how Esworthy's poems usually flow and go: Marty Esworthy poems.


  1. oh where oh where is mr EZ! And where are the po-mo, language poets on twitter, facebook, youtube?'s like the cutting edge of the poetry world is snubbing the great digital I AM!

  2. Dunno. But I'm sure a lot of other people know. You're asking a total recluse. A brown recluse spider of poetry. I think he's still out there making great, fun stuff happen.