Monday, July 11, 2011

Pacobooks Online

Poet and flamenco artist Frank Miller used to send me wonderful handmade books of his on a weekly basis.

Then I moved (under crazy circumstances that required speed) and somehow I fell out of touch.

I believe his daughter Tara was the one who posted these online so other people can finally enjoy at least a tease of these limited-run books, which always contained great visual art and often great poetry as well! I thought at first the books were being posted in their entirety, but these are just covers. I'm hopping some archive is collecting these, because Paco only published these in very limited editions shared with friends, as far as I know. And there is much to collect and release in book form here.

One of my favorites is a larger size "coloring book" he did called The Coloring Book of Death.

He had created a coloring book from medieval and Renaissance images of Death. Really scary, horrifying frightening depictions of Death personified as the Grim Reaper.

It was a funny conceptualist joke. I don't see that one featured here.

I would be tempted not to give that a book to an actual kid, but the funny thing is if you did they would probably happily color it without nightmares. Maybe part of the conceptualist joke there was that for (the vast majority of kids of the coloring age anyway) Death doesn't even exist. It's outside of their Crayola ken. Mercifully!

Gone was a particularly moving series of poems. Perfect poems. These were written immediately upon the death of his beloved mother. He had joked about including a small bag of her ashes with each book he sent to friends but decided the gesture would perhaps freak out one of two of his correspondents.

I miss Pacbooks.

Here's a sample of some of the covers of these books...which were done in the good-old fashioned mail art way, copied on big old dinosaur copiers in the 90s in downtown Harrisburg.


  1. Hi there,
    My plan is to get all of them up online. I really appreciate this post(sorry it's taken me so long to find it) because what I really need is to feel that there's enthusiam for them to be "out there" other than mine.

    Thank you for blowing on the embers. Here's a link to what I started.
    I will now continue. :)

  2. Cool, Paco! Great to hear from you. I'll link to your latest posts. Cheers. B.

  3. Actually, it's Tara, his daughter.
    I've moved them to

    I think I have a pretty complete collection of what he's produced, though I would need to check with the man himself to be sure.

    If you can spread the word, that would be great. Feedback energizes me. :)

  4. Thanks, Tara. I don't get a super lot of blog visitors lately, but I'll happily add the site to my blogroll and give a shout out with a posting. Cheers, Bill

  5. And a fond hello and wishes for great health and much productivity to your remarkable father! And to you, who I am sure are also remarkable. I remember you making mandalas when you were like oh I don't know, a kid, and Lisa Nease Yeager releasing them as cards. I thought that was very cool. Cheers.